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Posted on July 5, 2021 by Kam Valentine

At only 12.3 x 4.3 x 9.7 inches (w/o Adjustment Feet) and a weight of 6.83 lbs., the TK700STi is an approvingly portable 4K UHD DLP projector. The single 5-watt speaker is located on the left side of the chassis. The air intake vent is located on the projector’s left, while the air exhaust vent is located on the right of the chassis.

The top of the chassis has a push-button control panel on it. The panel has a power on/off button. A D-pad on the control panel with an “OK” button allows easy directional control. An input button, eco blank button to temporarily turn off the light source, back button, menu button, and mode button round out the control panel.


HDMI 2.0 Input (ARC)1
HDMI 2.0 Inputs2
USB Type-A Port1
RS-232 Control Port1
Audio Output Port1

All of the connections and inputs are located on the back of the TK700STi. The rear of the chassis has two HDMI 2.0 input ports (1 with ARC Support), an RS-232 control port, audio output jack, USB Type-A port (power supply 1.5 A), and the AC power jack. There is a 3rd HDMI 2.0 input concealed behind a cover for use with the BenQ QS01 HDMI 2.0 media streaming port (ATV dongle).


The projector has a 1.2X zoom lens with a throw ratio of 0.9~1.08 (100 inches @ 6.5 feet). The TK700STi has a level to manually adjust the zoom range lens while a ring around the lens is used to focus the image.

The TK700STi utilizes a lens that has a shorter throw than many home entertainment-focused projectors so it doesn't have to be placed in the back of the room to project a large image. The TK700STI would be a great option for those wanting to place the projector on a coffee table in front of the viewer. Below are the maximum and minimum throw distances for a variety of screen sizes.

Throw Distances For 16:9 Screen

Screen SizeMin DistanceMax Distance
80"62.75" (1594mm)75.31" (1913mm)
100"78.42" (1992mm)94.13" (2391mm)
110"86.29" (2192mm)99.60" (2530mm)
120"94.13" (2391mm)112.95" (2869mm)
130"101.96" (2590mm)122.36" (3108mm)
140"109.80" (2789mm)131.77" (3347mm)

To help with setup, the TK700STi has digital keystone correction and a picture rotation adjustment. The projector can automatically correct the vertical sides of a distorted projected image by simply pressing the “OK” button on the remote control for 2 seconds or by enabling the Auto Vertical Keystone on the Installation menu. Manual horizontal set up ±30 degrees is also available for a more straightforward setup.

The portable screen I travel with had to be set up on uneven flooring. The projector itself had to be set up on uneven flooring, making keystone correction critical during my travels with the projector. Once dialed in with the keystone corrections, I had a perfectly projected image.

The TK700STi ships with one remote which can be used to control the TK700STi projector and the included BenQ QS0I Android TV via dongle.  The remote has your standard smart projector features on it, including power on/standby mode, focus, Keystone, source, D-pad, Android settings, projector menu, Android TV Home, Google Assistant voice control, back, and volume control. In addition, the Google Assistant button is used for voice control of the projector and compatible 3rd party Internet of Things (IoT) devices via the Android TV.

The standout features on the remote include the dedicated Prime Video button and dedicated BenQ’s FamiLand Kids Channel (TV). BenQ states, “BenQ FamiLand Kids Channel (TV) collects content most suitable for kids to watch from YouTube and channelize these playlists to let kids choose the channel they want to watch.”

The TK700STi menu system took me a little time to get used to due to the seemingly endless menu options and projector adjustability. However, once learned, I found it easy to navigate and appreciated the fine adjustability. The HOME button, which looks like a house, brings you to the Android TV home and allows you to access apps, including additional Google Play Store apps and games.

The Projector Menu button says projector menu on it. The button takes you directly to the basic projector menu. You can also access the projector’s more advanced menu utilizing the projector menu button.

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