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BenQ W1080ST Post Calibration Grayscale: User Mode

Posted on June 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

BenQ W1080ST Post Calibration Grayscale: User Mode

W1080ST Projector: Calibrated Color Temp over IRE Range
20 IRE 6467
30 IRE 6562
40 IRE 6542
50 IRE 6491
60 IRE 6552
70 IRE 6600
80 IRE 6529
90 IRE 6650
100 IRE 6647
Average gamma 2.20

Gamma setting accuracy is virtually dead on.  Mike reports that using the recommended setting of 2.2 did, in fact, result in a measured gamma of 2.2!  Way to go BenQ.

With many projectors we also look at taking one of the brightest modes and creating a "Bright" mode, tweaking it for better color, but without resulting in a large drop in brightness.  In the case of this BenQ W1080ST projector Mike points out:  There’s no reason to do a Quick Cal of the brightest mode (Dynamic) as it would end up essentially identical to Cinema or Standard mode.

W1080ST RGB Settings

To try these, open the menus, and from the Image menu, select Cinema mode (Cinema defaults to eco-mode in terms of lamp brightness), or User 1.  Then go down to Advanced. Open it, then select RGB.  Place these number in, replacing the defaults.  The improvements should be pretty obvious.  We recommend you then save your settings under User 1.

W1080ST Post Calibration settings

Calibration settings for User 1.
Gain R =  (90)  83
G =  (91)  91
B =  (93  )88
Offset (256) R = 256
G = 256
B = 256

Numbers above in ( ) represent factory default

W1080ST Calibrated Brightness in Lumens: 1446 @ 6647

That's a whole lot of calibrated lumens, even if a couple hundred lumens less than the W1070 projector. Part of that difference may be the difference between the W1080ST's short throw lens and the W1070's longer throw one.

Mike provided these additional notes:

Grayscale calibrated very well, with an average Delta E of only 0.9.  The RGB balance was also pretty good, just running out of Red on the top end.  Adjusting Gain had a full range effect on the balance, which was pretty consistent throughout the IRE range, so no adjustment to Offset was necessary.  Even though the color temp is good at 100 IRE by default, Cinema, User and Standard all have too much red and blue.  This accounts for the drop in lumen output after calibration.    

Gamma is among the best I’ve seen.  Set at 2.2, the gamma graph is nearly at straight line with an average of 2.20.  Luminance tracking is quite good as well. 

CMS Calibration... (Paid subscribers may access our CMS settings, CIE charts and more, in the W1080ST advanced calibration area in the subscriber section).

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