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BenQ W1080ST Projector Advanced Calibration

Posted on December 5, 2013 by 

Color Management Settings

Color Management (Default is 50)
Hue Saturation Gain
Red 50 52 62
Green 50 50 50
Blue 50 48 48
Cyan 58 50 50
Magenta 57 50 50
Yellow 39 54 54

CMS Calibration

The default color gamut is quite good.  The primary colors were pretty good, with blue just a bit oversaturated and Red and Green mostly needing an increase in Gain.  I was able to get very consistent luminance levels, with a Delta Luminance (luminance error) well under 0.5 for the three primaries, as was Delta Hue for the three secondaries.

Likewise, absolute luminance was well balanced for all three primaries, whereas by default, green was higher than red or blue.  Hue for all the secondaries was slightly off, but that was easily corrected in the CMS.

The final result yields a very good CIE chart.  The overall picture quality is quite good as well, with good skin tones and overall color depth.

Calibration Charts and Graphics

Click to enlarge.

Calibration Charts and Graphics

BenQ W1080ST CIE Chart

BenQ W1080ST CIE Chart with CMS

BenQ W1080ST Calibration Chart Grayscale

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