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BenQ W20000 Home Theater Projector: Summary

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Of the DLP projectors out there to choose from, the BenQ may well be the only high quality/high performance DLP home theater projector that many will be able to make work in their rooms. My main theater would be a good example. The W20000 will sit nicely on my shelf in the rear of my room (20 feet back), where my JVC RS1 currently sits. Other fine DLP projectors like the IN83 and Optoma HD81-LV, can't be shelf mounted, and would have to hang down almost 7 feet from my cathedral ceiling, several feet forward of my shelf (my original setup was done that way, and my wife hated it). I still am most impressed with the exceptional shadow detail, the black levels are very good, and the image is always sharp!



BenQ W20000 Projector: Bottom Line

The BenQ W20000 1080p, home theater projector is a very good one, and a very good value for its current $4000 street price. It has a number of strengths, and not one really significant weakness to spoil your viewing pleasure. While it can be beat in a number of areas (notably black level performance), it's never merely average.

The combination of everything, especially shadow detail, sharpness, and brightness, combine to make it an excellent choice for many. I should also mention that many enthusiasts prefer DLP projectors for their more film-like (a generalization) qualities.

My biggest concern regarding the W20000, before it arrived, was how it would compete against the InFocus IN83. Considering that with the new price point of $4000, that the BenQ is now $2000 less than the IN83, that's no longer an issue. Those with the bucks can always find something better, by throwing more money at it, but as good as the IN83 is, many will not be able to justify the cost differential!

All of this means BenQ's got another good projector solution, priced right, and well balanced performance. This is a home theater projector you can really appreciate.

And, for all of the good reasons above, we are pleased to give the BenQ W20000 home theater projector our Hot Product Award. With many projectors, that decision is a close one. With the BenQ W20000, it wasn't difficult at all!

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