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BenQ W20000 Home Theater Projector Review: Image Quality-5

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman


Next is also from Space Cowboys, the re-entry image. All the thumbnails are the same, but click on them for overexposed images to show off the shadow detail on the right side of the Earth. First is the W20000. To in the middle, the IN83. The Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB is on the right.

(Note, all five images below are the same. Clicking on each brings up the higher resolution, and overexposed versions that allows you to compare shadow detail abilities in the dark areas. Look to the roof tiles, and the trees on the left.)

These next two images are found in almost all recent reviews. Click for large and seriously overexposed versions of the thumbnails. You can look to the dark areas of the shed on the right, plants along the bottom, and the wood structure on the left, to compare shadow detail.

Click on left thumbnail image for the BenQ W20000, middle for the Infocus IN82 (a Darkchip3 DLP, like the W20000, and the right for the InFocus IN83. Here are a few additional images that are good for observing shadow detail and black levels: First is from the beginning of Casino Royale, in black and white. This is a very dark scene, overexposed so you can see the details in the furniture in the back. This same image can be found on most recent reviews. Next, from National Treasure. I haven't worked with another projector that does a better job on shadow detail. Note in particular, the wood the upper right hand corner, and other dark areas. I have only recently started using this image in reviews.

Although the gammas of the two projectors are slightly different (slightly brighter mid-range on the W20000), you want to be looking at the shadow detail in the darkest places. This image is intentionally overexposed. Look at the shrubs and trees, just above the tracks on the right hand side. You can definitely see more detail there on the BenQ.

In this same Clint Eastwood dark scene from Space Cowboys, you can see that the blacks are a little darker on the IN83 (I've left in the letterbox at the top and the bottom, which helps). You can also see true black below the letterbox on the bottom as part of the black velour finish of my Carada Brilliant White screen is visible. As you can see, the difference in black levels is minor.

Next is an image from The Fifth Element - the same, overexposed, starship image as above. Again, the W20000 is on the right

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