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BenQ W5000 DLP 1080P Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality-9

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Art Feierman

Picture Quality - Bottom Line

I'm getting rather repetitive. This BenQ always impresses overall. Good color accuracy, very good black levels, great shadow detail, and a really sharp image, provide a great overall viewing experience. Only the image noise stands out as an issue, and while some say that adds a "film-like" quality, let's just say, "it could be better in that regard".

Like the Epson and Sony VW40, this projector is one, that while overall does not quite match my RS1, is one I could certainly live with, if I had to give up the RS1, and had a $3K budget. Now, if only BenQ will add additional settings for Brilliant Color, so it can be reduced a bit on the content where their implementation is a little over the top.

One thing I don't normally mention is the issue of motion blurring. I see in the forums there are definite conversations about motion blurring on 3LCD and LCoS projectors. The DLP chip reacts much faster than the other two technologies, and is considered completely free of motion blurring. Myself, I just don't notice motion blurring when watching movies, etc. It is a much more subtle issue in my opinion, than the 3:2 pulldown effect which creates a slight stuttering - called judder - in the image when panning or action is present. Fortunately, the W5000 like most new 1080p projectors supports 1080p/24fps, which eliminates the need for 3:2 pull-down, and thus, eliminates the judder. I think this allows motion blurring to show up on some people's radar. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I don't see it as an issue for most.

For those that do see motion blurring in 3LCD and LCoS projectors, that makes the BenQ W5000 an even better projector, by comparison. As a big proponent of DLP projectors who emailed me at length about motion blurring pointed out, once he shows people what he's talking about, they can see it. I'm more of the school that says, if you don't see a minor issue, then focus more on the issues that are major (such as black levels, shadow detail, brightness and color accuracy). It's just one more reason why there is no "perfect" projector.

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