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BenQ W5000 DLP Home Theatre Projector Warranty

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

One year is all you get! With BenQ, there's no happy medium. In that, I mean, BenQ offers two 1080p projectors, the W5000 with a basic 1 year parts and labor warranty, and the much more expensive W20000, which, instead, has a 3 year parts and labor warranty, and includes a first year 48 hour replacement program.

In other words, while the W20000 has one of the best warranties around, the W5000 has one of the worst warranties (for 1080p projectors).

It's not like it doesn't have company, though, with just a one year warranty. Others with similar underwhelming 1 year warranties, include the Optoma HD803, the Panasonic PT-AE2000U, and the Sony VPL-VW40 to name three very popular competitors

Now, I'm a much bigger fan of factory (manufacturer) warranties, than 3rd party extended warranties, however, projector repairs tend to be very expensive. As a result, since 3rd party extended warranties are inexpensive, I do recommend at least one additional year.

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