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Five Unique Ways to Use a Portable Projector - Page 2

Posted on August 1, 2021 by Paul Wilkie

Five Places & Situations Where Projectors Can Elevate Your Experience and the Fun

Now we can dive into the good stuff, what are some fun adventures where a projector can be used to really bring a trip or journey to life? We thought of five scenarios where projectors would be great to take a long. This includes stuff for families and adventurous individuals alike – read on to see our suggestions for the top five places and situations for projectors:

Van Life

Combine a portable projector with a high quality screen like a Screen Innovations Solo 2 for the ultimate Glamping experience

Van life has exploded in recent years, with the community of people living and working out of vans rising at a fast pace. If you search #VanLife on Instagram, you'll find more than 10.6 MILLION posts of people adventuring around in their favorite vehicle. It's a naturally conducive lifestyle to bring along a portable projector. A projector is a much better viewing experience than the family huddling around a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

Just imagine setting up a movie on the side of a cliff in Utah, or in a forest in Vermont? We can only think of the endless opportunities where a projector during van life can really elevate the fun. Plus, for people who work remotely, worrying about power and internet will be less of an issue given the van is already outfitted to solve those problems. Consider also that a projector boasts a much smaller footprint than a traditional TV, and you have yourself a really compelling scenario to invest in a projector.

Extreme Sports

After a day of extreme sports you can relive the action on the big screen with a portable projector.

It may sound crazy on its face, but activities like skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or any other extreme sport opens up opportunities where a projector can really come in handy. Imagine shooting great GoPro content all day on a mountain biking trip, and then watching it later that evening on a 100" screen outside?  To build on that further, projectors are great tools to bring into cabins or out into lake camping communities as well. For this type of activity, you definitely want to consider a projector with some level of waterproofing or IPX-level protection, just in case.

Kids Sports and Tournaments

Even if you are traveling for a tournament, let the kids enjoy reliving their goal after the game on the big screen with a portable projector.

If you're the parent of a kid who plays competitive sports, you know exactly how much traveling is involved with that lifestyle. From on-the-road tournaments to hotel stays in Las Vegas, to a variety of other get togethers, the opportunities for projectors to improve the game are many. Imagine if your kid is on an AAU basketball team and has a big tournament in your neighboring city. After day one, coaches can easily set up a projector for the whole team to review later that evening using a portable projector. Not only is it guaranteed to be better than whatever shoddy TV is in the hotel room, but you'll also have much more engaged kids seeing themselves on the big screen. It's a much cooler way to celebrate big wins, and learn from tough losses. If you invest in a projector with built-in streaming technologies, you can also watch a movie with the kids afterward to lighten the mood.

Office Retreats

Keeping your staff engaged during office retreats can be a really challenging role, and anyone whose tried before knows that you'll eventually need to present something for the group. Given not many of us are heading into the office these days, and people generally feel safer outdoors regardless, a projector designed to be outside can be a really useful tool as a business owner or executive. The next time you take your staff out to the lake, you can set up a giant screen in the woods to do your morning presentations without a hitch, and then carry on with the remainder of the activities. We do implore that you stray away from PowerPoint presentations, the unfortunate reality is no one likes those, whether or not it's on a 120-inch screen!

Home Gyms, Outdoor Gyms, and Exercise

Feel like you are in the class with a portable projector in your home gym or online fitness class

While exercising may not seem naturally conducive to a projector, we're thinking BIG. Imagine taking your treadmill experience to the next level with a giant 100-inch screen and some amazing visuals? While we have to admit we borrowed this idea from our good friends at a major stationary bike manufacturer, the idea still remains compelling. If you can get a projector with a decent amount of drop-proof and sweat-proof protection, it can dramatically improve your home gym.

Whether you want to host neighborhood workout sessions outside of your garage, or make your house gym that much more interesting, we think a portable projector is a fantastic tool to bring that to life. Further than that, think about how a projector can make an outdoor yoga class, or meditation session that much more interesting. A yoga instructor can place a large screen behind themselves, projecting a peaceful scenery to all of the attending yogis, making the whole session that much more engaging and interesting. The possibilities are endless for exercise professionals, home gym monkeys and everyone in between.

Outdoor projection and taking projectors with you to fit your lifestyle really is a great way to improve upon the industry, and we're excited companies like BenQ are embarking down this path. In fact, BenQ has just introduced two new portable projectors the ultra-compact GV30 and its bigger brother the GS50.

BenQ GV30

The BenQ GV30 is an Android TV-equipped portable projector that delivers 720P resolution and 300 ANSI Lumens. Although the unit is very compact, it includes a high-quality 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker system along with a battery powerful enough to power the projector for up to 2.5 hours.

BenQ GS50

The larger but still portable BenQ GS50 also includes Android TV but it is a 1080P projector that can produce 500 ANSI lumens. The GS50 also has a 2.5-hour battery and a robust 2.1 Bluetooth audio system. Its rugged chassis is IPX2 splash-proof making it a great solution for active outdoor users.

The BenQ GS30 and BenQ GV30

Pricing for the GV30 and GS50 have not been announced, but check out www.benq,com/en-us/projector/portable.html for more details

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