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Boxlight OutWrite 1.4 Performance

Posted on May 1, 2011 by Art Feierman

Once setup, you can choose whatever mode you desire form the on-screen toolbar.  You can choose to use the pen or wand as a mouse (the default setting), to draw, highlight or erase.  What’s really nice is that the toolbar is visible no matter what’s being displayed, so you can annotate on anything, even your desktop wallpaper if desired.  Starting with the pen, I found it very easy to control and mark up a displayed chart or graph.  The tip of the pen only takes light pressure to activate it, so it’s as useful on a drop-down screen as it is on a whiteboard.  You can choose from a multitude of line widths and colors, as well as highlighting.  Anything drawn with the pen (or wand) can be easily erased in part or in total.

Click to enlarge. So close.

You can also save your annotation with the presentation.  The wand, when extended to its full 32 inches, is harder to use to annotate the screen and is better used as a wireless mouse.  Even so, it still allows a presenter to easily highlight areas of the presentation or make some rough drawings.

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