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Boxlight OutWrite 1.4 Summary

Posted on May 1, 2011 by Art Feierman

For those who want to add interactive capabilities to an existing projector, the Boxlight OutWrite is an inexpensive, but highly capable solution.  While those who purchase inexpensive, portable projectors every year or two might be better served simply buying an inexpensive interactive projector, the OutWrite is of particular value to educators and business people that have a more advanced (and expensive) ceiling mounted projector, that is not replaced often. Also, the OutWrite offers more flexibility than some of the interactive projectors, providing both a pen and a wand, as well as the ability to annotate anything that’s displayed on the screen.  By contrast, the recently reviewed BenQ MP 780ST has software that only works with certain files types for interactive annotation purposes.  Overall, the Boxlight OutWrite 1.4 deserves serious consideration for anyone seeking to add interactive capabilities to their presentations.

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