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Projector Reviews - Canon Realis SX60 - General Performance-2

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Lens Throw Distances and Lens Shift

The SX60 does not have Lens Shift, however it does have keystone correction, both vertical and horizontal, to the tune of 20 degrees in each direction (up/down/left/right).

Repeating what we pubished on the first page of this review:

To fill a 100" diagonal 4:3 ratio screen, the projector can be placed as close as 9 feet 8 inches, and as far as back as 16 feet 2 inches.

If you are working with 16:9 screen for wider format sources, and don't care about the top and bottom (in this case unused) areas hitting off the screen, then for a 92 " diagonal 16:9 screen, you would have essentially the same placement distances as for the 100" 4:3 aspect ratio screen.

Projector Screen Recommendations

For typical business operation, I would recommend a screen that best matches the room. A white surface with some gain should be just fine for most applications, higher gain screens will work as well if you don't need a wide viewing angle.

If your application does call for maximum contrast for photo-realism related applications, a high contrast gray surface will sacrafice some brightness, but enhance contrast and black levels. I would definitely lean this way if the projector is going to be used for a home cinema type application, or perhaps to display photos for a commercial application. Combining a gray, high contrast screen with the SX60 in home cinema mode, will give you performance in these areas rivaling home theater projectors.


A quick calibration was done, on the Home Cinema Mode.

Initial measurements for Home Cinema mode leaned toward red, with most IRE settings between 5900 and 6200. The image to the right is a shot from one of the other modes which came close to the normal 8000K for non-home theater mode.

Correcting the Home Cinema mode to 6500K for ideal Home Theater temperature, was pretty straighforward, with the final RGB settings looking like this:


Click Image to Enlarge
Final RGB Settings
Gain: R=+1
Offset: R=0


The Canon SX60 comes with a nice padded shoulder carry case. It also comes with an impressive collection of cables, an analog data cable (HD15), and it includes a short adapter cable for the DVI-I input, that provides the DVI-I connector for the projector end, and 3 RCA female jacks for component video, on the other end.

Time to move on to the next section.

Warranty anyone?

SX60 Projector Review - Warranty

The warranty provided by Canon is 3 years parts and labor, longer than most projectors. Two years is most common in the industry, with a few projectors offering only one year, and several manufacturers offering three years. For example, Epson's LCD SXGA+ projector has a 2 year warranty, as does Optoma's new SXGA+ EP910. Dell's 5100MP offers only one year.

There is no overnight replacement or loaner program. Canon's website provides a link to a list of authorized service centers.

Lamp warranty is 120 days, 30 days longer than most.

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