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Carada Masquerade CIH Review - Summary

Posted on June 28, 2011 by Art Feierman

Carada Masquerade CIH Masking System: Bottom Line

Click to enlarge. SO close As I see it, a masking system is a good thing. In a fixed wall screen setup, there's no good reason (other than cost), not to have one. The Carada Masquerade CIH works very nicely. It's performing smoothly as expected. The large black border of the Masquerade, over 6 inchs wide, all the way around, presents your image without letterbox, with that large inky black border, which looks great.

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While those with hefty budgets can easily rationalize the Carada masking system as part of their overall plans, many others may be concerned about the price, relative to spending more on a projector, or other aspects of their systems.

To them, I put forth the same rationale I have when people ask me if an expensive screen is worth the money: A screen is most often a longer term investment (unless you move a lot), than a projector. As such, for us enthusiasts, we can go through two or three years per projector and still have the screen outlast four or five projectors.


From that standpoint, a four thousand dollar expenditure becomes easier to justify.

And a motorized masking system like Carada's Masquerade CIH, is pretty slick. Of course, some might say that some black velvet from the local fabric store and some ropes, will work, but it sure won't compare to the Masquerade CIH.

One last thing. There aren't a whole lot of masking systems out there, but from a quick scan of some forums, most seem to be around or above $10,000. That starts making the Carada Masquerade look light a downright steal.

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