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Carada "Brilliant White" Projection Screen Image Quality-2

Posted on October 31, 2013 by Art Feierman

Stewart's Studiotek 130 (with 1.3 gain), not their Firehawk however, is the Stewart screen with the most similar properties to Carada's Brilliant White, and is widely considered the best screen in its class - for both image and build quality. I have seen the StudioTek 130 side by side against the Firehawk, so I am somewhat familiar with its properties, even though I don't have one here. It is hard to imagine that the Studiotek 130 could be significantly better than this Carada screen. The Studiotek is also also known for an impressively wide viewing area for a screen with gain.

Commercial Applications: Business, Government and Education

For commercial applications, the combination of the 1.4 gain, and the traditionally much brighter portable (2000 - 3000 lumens) or installation (3000 - 6000+ lumens) projectors, should allow a sceen of this size (or the 4:3 shape - 1.33:1, more tradtionally used in commercial applications, to work well, even under full florescent lighting.

For the images immediately below I hooked up a 1300 lumen DLP home theater projector (dimmer than the least expensive new business projectors today) to my laptop, and have placed a number of files on the screen, a spreadsheet with color

bars and text, a Powerpoint bar graph, and text files. The room has a window directly behind the projector, and blinds are open. Although daytime, no sunlight is coming in. I addition their are 4 85 watt recessed flood lamps, two, close to the screen. As you can see, even with a not too bright home theater projector this screen helps produce a bright image with rich colors, easy to see, with almost no detectable washing out of the colors.. The second smaller image (to the right) is "overexposed" so you can get an idea of what the room light looks like (although it still appears brighter than that image. (I should have shot the image with the projector turned off, sorry!) Of course that makes the images on the screen completely overexposed and almost all white. I could have had twice the lights in this room, and the projector/Carada screen combination wouldn't have "flinched"

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