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Carada "Brilliant White" Projection Screen - Review Physical Overview

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Carada screen uses snaps to fasten the screen surface to the aluminum frame. This is pretty typical, although there are some fixed frame screens that use velcro, for example, Da-lite's Cinema Contour also uses snaps, but they have a slightly less expensive Imager series that uses velcro.

I'm not much on assembling screens, and better admit, right now, that I didn't put this one together. I wasn't even here for its assembly. I was having work done mounting my new projector in my theater room, and simply asked the installers to also put together the Carada screen, and mount it. I showed them exactly where I wanted it mounted. It couldn't have been too tough a job, for two reasons. First, they charged me less than $100 for the assembly and mounting, and second, because, according to my wife, one guy put it all together, and the 2nd installer just helped with the mounting. In all, (with mostly one person working), it took less than an hour. Sorry I couldn't be more help with the details.

The image below with four assembly views is from the Carada site. It hopefully will help you since I was unable to take pictures during assembly, having been out of town and leaving the wife in charge.

Assembly views of the Carada projection screen.

The assembled screen holds the screen surface taut, there is no sign anywhere of wrinkling, or pulling. The surface, according to Carada is washable, but I haven't looked into the rules and regulations of doing it right.

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