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Casio XJ-A140 Projector - Performance

Posted on April 30, 2010 by Art Feierman

XJ-A140 Projector - Brightness

When I began evaluating the Casio XJ-A140's brightness I noticed that brightness levels were half of what the specs reported. Thinking this was a bit odd since most projectors are only off by about 20-30 percent we decided to contact Casio and see if there might be something wrong with the projector.

Casio sent us out the only projector they had available which was the XJ-A130. We felt that this was definitely an acceptable way to tell if this might be an isolated incident. They both use the same light engine which is the Hybrid Laser LED technology. The only difference was the lumen output. The XJ-A140 being 2500 lumens in the specs and the XJ-A130 being 2000. So essentially a 25 percent difference according to the specs.

When we tested the XJ-A130 we discovered that it produced 1857 lumens in its brightest mode. With that we could obviously see that the original XJ-A140 that we received was truly defective since measurements in bright mode were ranging right around 840 lumens. So from this we could deduct that the XJ-A140 having the same technology should produce about another 25 percent more brightness above the 1857 we got from the XJ-A130.

So the brightness levels in the various color modes and brightness modes measured out to be pretty good. Keep in mind we are estimating how the XJ-A140 performs based on the XJ-A130 results. In Standard Mode the XJ-A140 produced 2321 lumens. When we kept the Standard Mode but put the Casion in what is known as ECO Mode 1 the brightness fell to 1776 lumens. The Casio also has ECO Mode 2 which drops the brightness even more to 1143 lumens. The various ECO modes are available because if you can get away with not having to use a lot of brightness. These lower power ECO modes primarily result in reduced fan noise, significantly, in this case. However, since the this projector uses a hybrid light source, low power mode does not save lamp life.

Graphics Mode and Theater mode measured the same. When you use any Color Mode other than standard you no longer have the ability to adjust ECO modes. This makes sense since the brightness

Audible Noise

The Casio XJ-A140 has one other small issue other than the vast amounts of heat it generates, it is also louder than most projectors reviewed. There were no reported specifications by the manufacturer on the exact decibel level, but you definitely notice the projector noise. Lowering the light output to ECO Mode does slow the fan down a bit and bring the sound to an acceptable level. If you plan to project in ECO-Mode then the sound should not be a major concern.

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