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Casio XJ-F210WN Projector Review - Performance

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Art Feierman
Casio XJ-F210WN Projector Review - Performance:  Brightness, Color Performance, Contrast, Audible Noise


Color Mode White Lumens Color Lumens Color Temperature
Standard 2190 1742 6407
Graphics 1597 Not Measured 6190
Theater 1468 Not Measured 6232
Blackboard 1455 Not Measured 7247
Natural 1832 Not Measured 6565



1.  Lens set at mid-zoom position for all lumens values in table

2.  Factory out-of-the-box picture settings were used for all color modes.

3.  Color brightness in the brighter color modes (e.g., Standard, Natural, etc.) was somewhat lower than the white brightness, but less so than seen with many single chip DLP business or classroom projectors.  For more information on color brightness see our short video on the subject - HERE.

[sam_pro id=1_83 codes="true"]


Brightness at maximum zoom increased by just over 1% and decreased at minimum zoom by just over 8%.

The XJ-F210WN has a 7-step adjustment for the light output from its hybrid LED/Laser light source.  Going from the maximum to the minimum setting reduces the light output by 53%.   Brightness uniformity measurements showed a maximum of 21% brightness difference between the center of the image and the dimmest corner, which is good performance for this class of projector.

Although the XJ-F210WN did not meet the Casio claimed 3500 (white) lumens, in brightest mode, the color brightness was better than for many single chip lamp-based DLP projectors that offer 3500, or more, lumens of white brightness.  We have found it not unusual for business and education projectors using LED or hybrid light sources to measure well below their manufacturer's rated brightness, while this is less common for lamp-based projectors of this class.

Color Performance

The 1st gallery image above shown the out-of-the-box grey scale performance in the Theater Color Mode.  This projector only offers red, green and blue gain adjustments for improving the grey scale and color temperature accuracy.  The 2nd photo above shows the grey scale after adjusting the RGB gain controls to:

Red = -5

Green = 0

Blue = +5

This produced a color temperate that tracked very close to the ideal 6500K across the grey scale.

This projector does not have a Color Management System (CMS) to adjust the color gamut of the projector.  This is not unusual for this class of business or education projector.  I did measure the color gamut after having making the adjustement for grey scale as described above.  The 3rd photo shows the Color Gamut diagram for the measured performance.



Like most other single chip DLP business/education projector of this class, the XJ-F210WN proved to offer better contrast than competing projectors using LCD technology.  I would rate the native contrast of this Casio model as typical for a such a DLP projector of this class.  This means very competitive with other business/education projectors, but still being below what is found on most mid-level or better home theater projectors.  Overall very good for this class of projector.

Audible Noise

Casio specifies the noise produced by the XJ-F210WN at 35 dB with the light source operating in the brightest mode.  This is typical for this class of projector.  In the lowest light output mode the noise level is specified at 29 db.  I found this projector to not be excessively loud even in brightest mode and while certainly audible, the noise should not be as issue in a typical conference room or classroom environment.

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