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Casio XJ-L8300HN Projector Review – Hardware 2

Casio XJ-L8300HN Projector Review – Hardware 3: The Menus

This projector has six menus: Picture, Display, Installation, System Setup: Basic, System Setup: Advanced, and Information.

The Picture Menu, of course, is where you can access the Picture Modes. There’s Bright, Natural, and Vivid – none of which are very good, but more on that later. What saves this projector’s Color Modes are the two User Modes where you can adjust the color to your liking. I’ll provide settings on the Picture Quality Page that I feel improve the color.

Also on this menu are the User Mode Settings, where you can load or rename the User Mode. There are several adjustable parameters: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint, and Sharpness. There are Advanced Settings, which is where you can really mess with color. Change Gamma and Color Temperature, 3D Color Management, and MoviePro Settings.

I used Color Temperature and MoviePro Settings to enhance the color. Color Temperature allows you to choose from Presets, or manual change the Red, Green, and Blue Gain, as well as the RGB Offset. MoviePro allows you to adjust the Color Enhancement, Skin Tone, and Super Resolution.

Display Menu

Casio XJ-L8300HN Display Menu

The Display Menu is relatively simple. Here, you can change the Aspect Ratio and Image Enhancement. Also adjustable from this menu are Overscan, Phase, and H. Size. That’s it.

Installation Menu

The Installation Menu is also quite user friendly. Choose your Projector Mode (Front, Front/Ceiling, Rear, Rear/Ceiling) and turn the Test Pattern on and off for easy positioning. You can access the Light Source Settings (power modes, etc.), and turn the 12V Trigger and High Altitude Mode on or off.

System Setup: Basic Menu

This menu allows adjustment to basic settings such as language, the color of the background and splash screen, how long until the projector turns itself off after being inactive, Direct Power On and access to the Menu Settings. You can also rename inputs from this menu.

System Setup: Advanced Menu

The System Setup: Advanced Menu is the one that will be most interesting to your IT guy (or gal). Here, you can access a whole range of network-related features, such as the range of the HDMI signal. Also in this menu are the Network Settings, where you can setup LAN.

Information Menu

Casio XJ-L8300HN Info Menu

The Information Menu has projector information such as the active input and Picture Mode, resolution, color system, light source usage time and firmware version.

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