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Casio XJ-S57 Projector - Performance

Posted on June 1, 2009 by Art Feierman

XJ-S57 Projector - Brightness

The XJ-S57 is rated at 3000 lumens. Many business projectors fail to achieve their rated spec and the XJ-S57 was no exception. In Standard mode (the brightest), we measured only 1974 lumens at mid-zoom range. However, the output of the XJ-S57 varied greatly over its zoom range. At full wide zoom, we got 2617 lumens, which is not too far off of its 3000 lumen rating. At full telephoto zoom we measured only 1128 lumens. Using Presentation mode, the output dropped slightly to 1920 lumens at mid zoom. After that, other modes dropped dramatically. Blackboard mode (a specific mode designed to work with school blackboards) came in next at 1219 lumens. Graphics mode was only 672 lumens, while Theater mode brought up the rear at 669 lumens.

Dropping the lamp into Low brightness mode resulted in a lumen output of 1571 in Presentation mode. This is only about an 18% drop, which is quite good for projectors of this type.

To put this all in perspective, the three images imbedded in this section were taken with the same exposure, to demonstrated the brightness and look of Standard, Presentation, and Theatre modes.

Brightness SlideShow

Standard Mode

Presentation Mode

Theatre Mode

USB Presentations

The XJ-S57 supports PC-free presentations and wireless networking (optional adapter required) via a USB port on the back of the projector. While we did not have the wireless LAN adapter to try, we were able to test its ability to project presentations from a USB thumb drive. As the USB input only supports images and certain video types, Casio provides software via download from their website to convert PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, web pages or other data to an image file which can then be displayed from a USB drive. A sample converted PowerPoint file displayed very well and would be a nice feature for the presenter who needs to give the same presentation at numerous locations.

Another option that can be used with the USB connection is the Casio YC-430 Multi-Functional Camera System. This consists of a Casio 10 mega-pixel camera mounted on a special stand that allows projection of documents, objects, or product samples. The camera can be easily removed from the stand for normal use.

While we were not able to test its wireless networking abilities, Casio states that the optional wireless LAN USB adapter allows for presentations from up to 4 computers.

Audible Noise

The slim shape and diminutive size of the Casio XJ-S57 pays a price when it comes to noise. Having limited size for airflow and exhaust, the XJ-S57 is definitely not a quiet projector. While no noise specs were stated, it was certainly noisier than other projectors we recently tested. Those projectors were rated at 35dB, so I would expect the Casio to come in at a few decibels higher than that. If you’re not right next to the projector, it's not objectionable and there would be no need for the presenter to raise his or her voice to be heard. If you do need a quieter environment, dropping the XJ-S57 into Eco mode reduces the noise quite a bit, while reducing light output less than other projectors.

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