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Casio XJ-S57 Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

Posted on June 1, 2009 by Art Feierman

Casio XJ-S57 Portable Projector: Pros

  • Good brightness, almost 3000 lumens
  • Good zoom range (2X)
  • Power zoom and focus
  • Excellent overall image with any resolution
  • Very lightweight and compact – 3.97 lbs. And only 1.7” thick
  • No dust filter to maintain
  • Ability to display presentations without a computer via a USB storage device
  • Optional wireless networking for presentations from up to 4 computers
  • Can be set to turn on when plugged in

Casio XJ-S57 Portable Projector: Cons

  • Colors are somewhat muted and inaccurate
  • Somewhat noisy in high brightness mode
  • Puts out a lot of heat close to the projector
  • Remote has too many buttons the same size and is hard to read in low light
  • Full user manual provided only on disc or download

Additional Models

Casio also makes seven other projectors in the “Super Slim” series. There are essentially four different models, each with a companion model that is identical except for the ability to present or network via USB. These models are as follows:

The XJ-S52 at $1199.99: The XJ-S52 is the non-USB equivalent of the XJ-S57. It offers the same 3000 lumen rating, with a $100 lower MSRP.

The XJ-SC215 at $1199.99 and XJ-SC210 at $1099.99: The XJ-SC215 and SC210 are basically identical to the XJ-57 and S52 respectively, but sacrifice brightness (rated at 2500 lumens compared to 3000) in exchange for greater color accuracy. This is achieved though the use of an improved, multi-segment color wheel and Casio’s high-fidelity color rendering light engine algorithm . As with the S57 and 52, the XJ-SC215 has USB presentation ability while the XJ-SC210 does not.

The XJ-S47 at $1099.99 and the XJ-S42 at $999.99: The XJ-S47 and S42 have all the capabilities of the XJ-S57 and S52 respectively. The difference is that the XJ-S47 and 42 are rated at 2700 lumens, 300 less than the XJ-S57 and 52.

The XJ-S37 at $899.99 and the XJ-S32 at $799.99: The XJ-S37 and S32 have all the capabilities of the XJ-S57 and S52 respectively. The difference is that the XJ-S47 and 42 are rated at 2300 lumens, 700 less than the XJ-S57 and S52. Assuming performance of the XJ-S37 is identical to the XJ-S57 (and there’s no reason to believe otherwise), it offers terrific value at its price for those who don’t need the higher lumen output of the XJ-S57.

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