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Casio XJ-ST155 LCD Projector - Review Summary

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Casio XJ-ST155 Projector: Bottom Line

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They say a lot of projectors today are commodities. For the most part they are right, but a lot of new technology is coming out that is making that statement more and more untrue. Take for instance the Laser and LED Hybrid technology that the Casion XJ-ST155 uses to not only provide a decently bright image, but to also extend the lamp life to an incredible 20,000 hours. You do pay a premium for this technology. Expect to pay about $400 dollars more compared to similar models without the Hybrid technology.

If you're a university on a budget, and which university isn't, then not all projectors are created equal. With the average cost of a replacement lamp hovering around $250 dollars, maintenance costs should be at the top of your list of considerations. That extra $400 dollars might not look so bad in a few years. Keep in mind, if you do need to replace the Hybrid lamp it has to be done by Casio, which means loss of a projector during the repair. At this time I am not sure how long it takes to replace the lamp.

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With a native resolution of XGA(1024x768) the XJ-ST155 isn't very aligned with most of the widescreen laptops and desktop monitors that are the norm as of this writing. You will want to consider that before you make your buying decision. If you want support for a widescreen then this projector isn't going to meet your requirements. However, it will display a widescreen image. Not without some compression of the image to accommodate. Which does degrade it a bit.

Although the XJ-ST155 is 3D Ready, it is designed to work from content created from a computer. There is included software that allows you to convert your pictures and video to a 3D format. It will require optional glasses to view. You can't project high definition Blu-ray 3D as the projector is not capable of displaying 3D through the HDMI cable. You can watch 3D content through the HDMI it just won't be in 3D. I should say the quality of the image is very nice for a non native HD projector.

One thing that is undeniable about the XJ-ST155 is that it is packed with features and is very capable with all the different inputs. Its short throw techonology means you can project a very large image without having to place the projector far from the screen. This reduces shadow if you decide to ceiling mount the projector and use its interactive capabilities. Overall it is a good choice and it will serve the needs of a university nicely with all its command and control features, but make sure the native resolution of XGA(1024x768) fits your requirements.

Casio XJ-ST155 Projector: Pros, Cons

Casio XJ-ST155 Projector: Pros


  • Connect up to 32 computers and show 4 at a time.
  • Has a complete list of inputs for a variety of signals.
  • Is interactive with an optional pen device.
  • Bright at 3000 lumens, but meter readings show it to be about half of that.
  • Short throw projector, which means you can project a large image from just a few feet away.
  • Can present via USB Type A input
  • Can control the projector via USB Type B from your computer.
  • 20,000 hour estimated lamp life for low maintenance costs

Casio XJ-ST155 Projector: Cons

  • Resolution is XGA(1024x768) which is not aligned with most projectors being manufactured today.
  • Lumen output measurements were half of what was advertised by the manufacturer.
  • Lamp replacement or repair must be done by Casio due to the unique light emitting technology.
  • Is 3D ready but does not except 3D Blu-ray content.

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