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Casio XJ-ST155 - Physical Tour

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Casio XJ-ST155 Appearance

The Casio XJ-ST155 has a rather large physical appearance compare to most projectors manufactured today. Part of this has to do with the incredible light emitting technology and also the amount of inputs and outputs it has. It has your typical unique lens that you find with just about all short throw projectors. The nice part is, it is very recessed into the projectors case so damage to the lens is unlikely. Not to mention it comes with an attached lens cap.

Starting from the front you will see the aforementioned lense. Just above the lens is a focus lever. To adjust the image size it will be necessary to mount the projector at just the right distance from the screen to get your desired image width and height. It is recommended that if you plan to ceiling mount this projector you have a professional installer do the work.

On the top of the unit you will find all the buttons for powering on the projector and navigating its extensive menu system. And it is truly extensive. The left and right sides of the projector are for intake and exhaust. Another nice feature about the Casio XJ-ST155 is the fact that the light technology does not require the use of a filter. One less maintenance expense. However, you will have to vacuum the vents on occasion to help keep the projector functioning cool.

Moving to the back of the projector we have all the inputs and outputs. And let me say there are a lot. Starting from the upper left you have a USB Type A port, then a LAN port. To the right of that you have a HDMI port. For monitor out you have a 15pin VGA port and then two VGA 15pin inputs so you can input two computers at the same time. Going down one level you will see a remote control signal receiver and then a standard power connector slightly to the right and below. Moving back up we have serial port for command and control and then an audio out 3.5mm mini dimm port. You will also find two audio out mini dimm that correspond to input 1 and 2 of the VGA ports. If you have a L/R audio input cable then the XJ-ST155 has two ports for that. This projector also comes with a composite video input and a s-video input as well. Last but not least you have a USB-B port for controlling the projector with the optional interactive pointer. As is expected you can lock the projector down as well since it has a Kensington lock hole near the power input.

Setup and Menus

Settings & Adjustments Slideshow

Settings & Adjustments

Input Settings

Settings & Adjustments

Screen Settings

Settings & Adjustments

Image Adjustments

Setting up the projector will require a little more planning than most since it is heavy. Mounting of the projector on a table should be very easy and straight forward, but keep in mind you will need to place the projector fairly close to the screen since it is a short throw projector. This is assuming you are hoping to project a 70" to 100" diagonal image. The range is a 60 inch diagonal from 2.64 ft and a 100 inch diagonal from 4.62 ft. The projector has three adjustable feet so as long as the table or stand is fairly level, you should be able to achieve a nice square image without using keystone correction. Using keystone correction degrades image quality. The feet are positioned in triangle formation. One in the front and two in the rear.

If you ceiling mount the projector then it is best to have it done by a professional. It is heavier than most projectors and does require special retrofitting to support the weight. Not to mention that you have to be precise in your distant calculations to get the image to fit your desired screen size. There is no zoom adjustment. Just a focus lever.

The menus are extensive and well laid out. Accessing each is very easy and each of the features was well described. An IT person who is familiar with projectors will more than likely appreciate all the different settings you can change to achieve the command and control most system administrators need.

Remote Control

The remote was pretty well thought out. It is small but all the core functionality was available right where one might assume it should be. I found it very easy to navigate the menu and change color modes without interruption in the workflow. The projector has pointer features so you can use it like a laser pointer and point to different topics in your presentation. It does not however have a laser pointer. There are many different pointer styles to choose from. The projector provide hands, arrows, triangles and crosshairs.

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