Christie LHD878-DS Laser Projector Review - Summary

Posted on December 15, 2019 by Diane and Phil Jones

Christie LHD878 Laser Projector Review – Summary: Highlights, Value Proposition, Pros and Cons


The Christie LHD878-DS is a 7,800 ANSI lumen business class laser projector with Full HD resolution, that can accept a full range of 4K content. It is Christie's latest addition to its DS-Series of mid brightness installation/business projectors. Unlike the other two models in the DS Series which are WUXGA projectors, the LHD878 is the sole Full HD (1920 x 1080) unit. It is designed for classrooms, museums, and mid-sized auditoriums.

The LHD878’s laser light engine is rated for 20,000 hours in high power and up to 50,000 hours in low power mode.

While the projector does not ship with a lens, it is compatible with 7 different motorized lenses options including a short throw option so there should be a solution for nearly every application.

Christie LHD878-DS projector includes several features to enhance its flexibility in when used in commercial or business environments like Edge Blending, Projection Warping, Lens Memory, omnidirectional mounting and more.

It also includes advanced networking capabilities that include network control, remote monitoring and IP content playback.


The Christie LHD878 is a 7,800 ANSI lumen business class laser projector with Full HD resolution, that can accept a full range of 4K content. It is

The LHD878 is part of Christie DS-Series projector whose goal is to provide high brightness from a compact chassis at a affordable price. When comparing Christie LHD878 to Direct Competition which are other 2K Laser Projectors, it has some notable advantages.

  • It can handle 4K copy protected content (HDCP 2.2)
  • Compatible with HDR10 content
  • Its color brightness output (lumens) equals its white lumens output to provide for better color reproduction (unlike single chip DLP projectors)
  • While the LHD878 does not ship with a lens, it is compatible with 7 motorized lenses including a short throw option

While most of the competitors many of the same features, for example edge blending, the LHD878’s ability to handle 4K HDR content (including HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2) that sets it apart from the vast majority of 1080P business class laser projectors.

The Christie LHD878’s combination of value, high-brightness, compact chassis, installation flexibility, and maintenance-free operation helps it stand out from the competition.



  • 8,000 lumens (color and white)
  • Laser Light Engine rated for 20,000 Hours/ 50,000 Hours in (Low Power Mode)
  • Accepts 18Gbps HDCP 2.2 content (4K@60P)
  • HDR Compatible
  • Seven interchangeable motorized lenses (including a short throw option)
  • Edge Blending, Projection Warping for digital signage, museums, and other multi-projector display applications
  • DICOM Simulation mode 
  • Advanced network control and monitoring (includes support for Crestron, AMX…)
  • 3G-SDI– transfer live video (up to 1080p) over coax
  • HDBaseT- 4K HDMI content over low-cost CAT5/6 cable,
    • Up to 100 meters
    • Optional HDBaseT transmitter required
  • Optional wireless network adapter
  • Projector can be mounted at any angle and in Portrait mode
  • Split screen capability
  • 5-year(15,000 hour) parts/labor warranty


  • No 3D capability
  • Only HD resolution
  • Color accuracy could have been better out of the box
    • Easily fine-tuned using LHD878 color management settings
  • Black levels could be better still, despite the laser engine dimming with dynamic iris type action
    • However in most business applications, the enhanced brightness would be consider a far bigger benefit than deeper black level

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