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Dell 2400 Projector: Pros and Cons

Posted on July 25, 2006 by Art Feierman

Dell 2400 Projector: Pros and Cons


  • 3000 lumen projector for $1099!
  • Extremely bright for a 5.5 pound projector
  • Very good handling of color, notably Reds and Yellows, the traditional weakness of small DLP projectors
  • Good compression technology
  • Very good overall video quality, except for noise
  • Sharp image
  • Good menus
  • Audio out
  • Lot's of good, affordable extended warranties to choose from
  • Page Up, Page down presentation control
  • Nice shoulder carry case - well padded


  • Lacks DVI input (few users require one)
  • Lacks 2nd computer input (nice to have, or to have a component video input, in addition to the standard computer input
  • A bit noisy
  • Definitely visible noise on video, in bright areas of the image, detracts from it's potential use at home.
  • Lacks full remote mousing (some projectors have, other models don't), but superior, RF remote mousing devices are very affordable, and typically better than included IR solutions

Typical Capabilities

  • Remote control
  • Documentation
  • Audio
  • Shoulder case (very nice) is larger than it needs to be, the price you pay for that extra padding

Dell 2400MP Summary

The Dell 2400MP is a great value. It's an $1100 business projector that has the power to to handle small and medium room presentations with lots of light on, and do a good job for audiences to 400+.

It's colors on presentations are surprisingly good. Its video performance is good enough to seriously interest home theater people that need a bright business projector for rooms with a fair amount of ambient light. (If only it had that extra input.) The remote works well, menus are easy to navigate, and documentation is respectable.

When you add it all up, I'm not aware of another projector in it's general price range, that can claim better price performance. The 2400MP projector gets my highest recommendation, and our Hot Product Award.

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