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Dell 2400MP Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on July 25, 2006 by Art Feierman

Dell 2400MP Projector Review - Warranty

Dell provides a 1 year parts and labor warranty standard with the 2400MP projector.

This includes Dell's "Advanced Exchange Service". Dell does not specify overnight as do some who offer replacement or loaners. Their site states that: "Replacement system or replacement part will be dispatched, if necessary, following phone-based troubleshooting, in advance of receipt of returned defective part or system. Replacements may be refurbished. Defective unit must be returned. Availability varies. Other conditions apply." So, the bottom line is they will ship you a replacement if available, before you send yours back.

In the projector industry, projectors competitive with the Dell in performance probably average about a 2 year warranty. There are some brands, like InFocus with one year, Epson, by comparison has two years. Optoma's competing model as well as units from Panasonic have 3 year warranties.

However, Dell's price on the 2400MP is pretty agressive. As a result, you can afford to add on one of Dell's extended warranties, to beef up the total warranty package.

These are the options Dell offers: You can buy a 2nd and 3rd year Advanced Exchange warranty, or even one that adds four years for 5 years worth of coverage.

If you are even more trouble prone/careless, you can choose Dell's Complete Care Service option which covers accidental damage, for 1, 3, or 5 years.

To give you an idea of pricing, here are a couple:

3 year extended with Advanced Exchange with CompleteCare: (total of 3 year's coverage): $338
3 year extended with Advanced Exchange: (total of 3 years coverage) $169.

The bottom line here, is that for an extra $169, you can have a nice 3 year warranty instead of just one. Considering the high cost of repairing broken projectors, it's a good idea.

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