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Elite ezFrame Fixed Projector Screen: Summary-2

Posted on August 29, 2006 by Art Feierman

Final comments

To summarize, this Elite ezFrame screen should be excellent with any Darkchip2 DLP business or home theater projector, and do equally well with today's LCD home theater projectors ( especially business LCD models with their far worse black levels). When it comes to higher end projectors sporting the Darkchip3, the Elite is certainly a perfectly acceptable screen that many will like, but others will be more than satisfied with the black levels of a non-gray surface screen.For those not seeking to improve black levels, many will choose a white surface with some gain, like my Carada, or the StudioTek 130 from Stewart (by many considered the industry standard). Note: Elite, like essentially all screen manufacturers also offers fixed, motorized and pull-down screens with white surfaces.

Of course when it comes to personal preference, I just can't help you there, except to say again, that the Elite screen is not that dissimilar to a matte surface, just a little darker, just a tiny bit more roll off to the sides, and perhaps a very slight help with side ambient light. It is, in my opinion, closer in performance to a matte white surface, than a dark gray like Stewart's Grayhawk. I personally like the "not too High Contrast" aspect of this High Contrast screen.

Considering all of that, ultimately, the Elite's color balance is extremely close to neutral, with just the very slightest shift to red, it assembles pretty easily, and the screen surface is taut with no waves. Overall construction appears pretty good, (I'm certainly no expert in this area), and I doubt you'll find another screen that will do better when you take price into consideration.

Bottom line. This new version of the ezFrame, is a rather significant improvement over "last year's model". As such it should have much wider appeal, and it exhibits very good overall performance, despite its low price!

And, I swear I didn't say all these nice things just because Elite assembled the screen for me!

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