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Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Folding Frame Outdoor Projection Screen Review - Page 2

Posted on December 11, 2021 by Philip Boyle
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LG PF610P Source

This tension PVC surface is the best choice for today's high-contrast ratio projectors in commercial or residential presentations. The CineWhite material equals the performance of Elite Screen's MaxWhite® product but makes it even better due to the CineWhite material's superior surface flatness.

My experience: The image I projected onto the Cinewhite surface had no visible distortion from ripples or creases in the screen material.

The CineWhite screen has a black-backing designed to eliminate unwanted light penetration from the year. This screen features a 1.3 gain with a 180-degree viewing angle and is ISF certified for achieving accurate color reproduction and image fidelity.

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My Yard Master became a Deck Master 🙂

My experience: The CineWhite screen lived up to its off-access viewing specifications. I had to place the screen to the far-right due to my deck's size, which allowed me to test the off-access viewing on this screen from the left side. I have to say the image maintained its brightness, color, and consistent contrast even at extreme angles. The screen is designed to maintain image quality up to 90 degrees off-access. To my eye, the image looked good beyond this, which is good to know even if you probably won't ever seat people at this extreme angle.

The screen is built using a mildew-resistant, multi-layer PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) with texture and surface coating that can be easily cleaned with water and a moist cotton cloth. This screen is perfect for projecting a wide range of content from Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR sources and can be used with ultra-short and standard throw projectors.

My experience: I did a test by cleaning the corner of the screen with warm water and a soft cotton cloth. Once the screen dried, there was no visible difference between the area I wiped down and the one I left alone. The image just looked uniform. I would also add that the screen material is not as heavy as I anticipated, which is great because this made installation must faster.

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WraithVeil Screen Material

Elite Screen's second screen formulation is its WraithVeil rear projection screen material. WraithVeil is Elite Screen's rear projection screen material. It has a high gain performance for applications with high ambient light conditions. The screen offers a 2.2 gain with a 160-degree viewing angle, so it's ideal for events such as clubs, restaurants, trade shows, meeting rooms, and outside evening presentations.

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WraithVeil Screen in Backyard

Its special surface coating enhances color reproduction and black level contrast with wide uniformity for large audiences.

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Supports 4K, HDR, 8K, and 3D Sources

The WrathVeil screen can display content from various sources, including Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready. This high-quality screen material will work with ultra-short and standard throw projectors with rear projection capability.

Like the CineWhite screen, the WraithVeil screen is built using textured PVC with a mildew-resistant surface coating, so it can also be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth and mild soap and water.


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Optional Zoom Legs

Sometimes we just need the screen to be raised higher. Our backyard movie night requires a higher screen setting so all the guests can easily see the movie. The Yard Master 2 now has an add-on feature that makes this possible. Elite Screens is now offering high-quality extended legs that perfectly match the Yard Master 2 and Yard Master 2 WraithVeil Dual models, adding more than 27 inches of extra height. This provides a significant height advantage allowing your movies, presentations, or any projected content to be seen by a larger group of colleagues or friends from a greater distance.


Each Yard Master 2 screen system version comes with a 2-year warranty on the screen and frame. You may be eligible for a 3-year warranty offered through the Elite ENR-G program designed specifically for education, non-profit, religious, and government institutions.

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Elite Yard Master 2 on My Deck

The Elite Screen Yard Master 2 portable screen system with CineWhite screen provides an excellent picture with no visible distortion introduced because the system is remarkably flat for a portable screen. The Yard Master 2 system I reviewed was quick and easy to assemble, only taking me about five minutes by myself. The screen 1.3x gain makes for a great-looking image with excellent color reproduction. The black vinyl backing prevents any light from coming through in a room with uncontrollable ambient light sources from the rear, so the front image looks great.

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The CineWhite screen maintains a highly viewable image, excellent viewing angles, and provides the best possible picture in dark outdoor environments.

You can purchase the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Series directly from Elite's online store or several authorized Elite dealers/resellers.

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