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Elite AcousticPro fixed screen Image Properties

Posted on January 17, 2009 by Art Feierman

It really was that simple. If I had done it, I would have run out of patience and probably tried to get everything to stay in place, using a minimum of clips, and then wondered why the screen ended up with waves in it. Dave does good work, the screen is very flat and taut.

Bottom line: Putting the screen together should not be a challenge for those willing to try.

As mentioned in the overview, I did notice a slight shift towards a yellow/gold with the screen, and you can see the difference (though exaggerated) between it and the very neutral Stewart Firehawk G3, in the photo of the two screens with no image on them,back near the top of this page. When viewing normal material, however, it really is far more difficult to spot any color shift compared to my Firehawk G3. Immediately below, is a photo of James Bond, from Casino Royale. You can see the narrow top part of the image is on the Firehawk, the lower part, on the Elite. Pretty hard to spot the color shift. You'll also notice some other differences, varying brightness, and contrast in the image. That however is due to the Firehawk being a high contrast gray surface, compared to a basic white surface. Another good "split image" shot is this one of some football "signage" from an HDTV source. It's obvious that the two surfaces are very close:

Click to Enlarge. So close.

I was concerned about the texture of the screen surface, compared to the almost totally smooth and uniform Firehawk, or for that matter, my Carada Brilliant White and my Elite HC gray. Despite that, I didn't notice the texture during normal viewing. I'm sure it's enough to be detectable when looking for it, but I do believe this surface will satisfy all but the most critical. There are finer micro-perf screens out there, for those who may be concerned with this Elite surface. Note, the patterning of the material is finer, and a different "improved" pattern for this new surface, which Elite says is designed especially to work with 1080 projectors

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