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Elmo BOXi T-200 Pocket Projector - Picture Quality 2

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Art Feierman
BOXi T-200 PICO / POCKET PROJECTOR:  Picture Quality Page 2:  Black Levels, Shadow Detail,  overall Color and Picture

Black level and Shadow detail performance

The comments here primarily relate to the BOXi T-200 when being used for viewing movies, and other home entertainment.  For typical business or classroom presentations, great black levels and stellar shadow detail handling are rarely critical.  (Perhaps an architect needing to display rendered images, might demand higher contrast?)

For your consideration - that is, to check out black level performance and detail handling we have our usual Bond night train scene image from Casino Royale, that we use for all projectors.   Black level performance is nothing to right home about.  It's entry level.  Really, only a business 3LCD projector might have even lighter blacks.

When it comes to dark shadow detail, the BOXi T-200 does a superb job for a pico or pocket projector, it rivals expensive home theater projectors.  Of course it's easier to observe dark shadow detail on projectors that don't have great black levels.


Very good dark shadow detail seen in this T-200 image from The Hunger Games

Still, the BOXi does a great job!    You can see all the detail in the shrubs behind the tracks on the middle right, and what little info there is, in the larger dark area above the shrubs.  The BOXi T-200 projector earns a very well done, in terms of dark shadow detail.


Night scene from Iron Man 2

No projector around the price of this BOXi, be it a pico projector, pocket projector or "full sized" projector, will deliver anything impressive in terms of black level performance, so don't be overly concerned.


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Overall Picture Quality: BOXi T-200 Projector

Given that a lot is lost in the translation; getting from the projected image on the screen, though the camera, resizing, saving compressed for web, and displayed on your device, the T-200 performs admirably for both business and home entertainment, as far as it comes to color and general picture.

Thus the images you've seen in this review, mostly look pretty darn good, and you can expect the projector to definitely look better in person.

Skin tones are respectable in several modes.  Only MAX mode, the bright nest, really looks off, with way too much green caste.  Cinema, Normal, and USER (depending on your settings (recommended - Medium color temp, 1.9 or 2.2 gamma and standard color space).


Colors look good!

Considering the $449 suggested list price in the US, I'm impressed with the color handling.  For most people looking for a 100-250 lumen pico or pocket projector, this BOXi will serve them well, whether for home entertainment or small business or education presentations.

What it cannot do, though is slug it out with some of the low cost, but much larger portable projectors, for a truly great picture.  Still, not bad, not bad at all.   I watched a movie on it, at about 50" diagonal, lights out, and I could live with the picture, although I'm not getting rid of my JVC for one of these!

Regarding these images, they were taken of a 50" diagonal projected image, with my rear room lights on.  A picture of the projected image, and one of the rear room lighting are part of this gallery.

Bottom line:  The T-200 projector produces very respectable color, and overall, a solid picture quality, certainly among other mid brightness pico and pocket projectors.

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