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Epson and Glass-Media Have Teamed Up To Enhance The Retail Experience

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Epson and Glass-Media Have Teamed Up To Enhance The Retail Experience

By Philip Boyle Epson’s new partner has some bold thoughts about typical store-front messaging. “It’s boring, expensive, and downright wasteful.” Glass-Media’s say’s on its corporate website. This, self described, passionate group of experiential retail strategists, digital artists, visual storytellers, and engineers boasts that they are aiming to revitalize the offline retail experience. They are going to do this by creating “...highly unique, digital activations that captivate, engage, and influence consumers in a whole new way.” There is no doubt that Epson is one of the leading projector manufacturers. Epson projectors are in our homes, our classrooms and are even used in marketing and retail applications. If you were to ask Epson they would surely agree that a large focus for them is developing products that promote better customer engagement in and around the shopfront. This is why Glass-Media partnered with Epson, the global leader in projection technology, to be the projectors at the heart of many of these new storefront activations. Epson's edge blending and projection mapping capability allows retailers to quickly fix the distortion created when projecting onto a curved, corner or irregular surface. The free Epson Projector Content Manager software makes it easy for anyone to develop compelling visual displays by combining photos, videos, and alpha based backgrounds into a playlist that can be stored on an embedded SD card. Imagine, customers could see multiple color and pattern designs for clothing projected onto a mannequin making the experience engaging and interactive and all without having to touch the product. This type of feature provides a streamlined selling experience for the retailer and an engaging and safe shopping experience for the customer. Check out our review of the Epson LightScene EV-100 in which Epson's Projector Content Manager software is discussed in detail. Epson Light Scene EV-100 Laser Projector Review Epson’s projectors are incredibly versatile and provide unique capabilities which is why Glass-Media and Epson Projection are a perfect pairing.  Just ask Epson’s Remi Del Mar. “Epson’s partnership with Glass-Media allows us to deliver solutions that provide a best-in-class customer experience based on creative, out-of-the-box thinking,” says Del Mar, Epson's Senior Product Manager for Epson America. “Glass-Media re-imagines visual merchandising and optimizes existing space in the store, delivering tangible results by helping retailers attract and engage their customers.”
What Epson is bringing to the table is a lineup of business class projectors that can be installed in a variety of existing retail environments. This allows Glass-Media to offer innovative digital solutions without the need to clutter valuable retail space with costly static merchandising or ineffective retail experiences. These laser based projectors are not only reliable but bright and deliver excellent contrast in environments with uncontrolled ambient lighting. Epson projectors with this feature allow retailers to make use of existing spaces, like display windows, to create an interactive and engaging shopping experience for their customers. Want to project an image that is a perfect circle with almost no visible light spill? Check out the Fossil retail activation image below. Want to get even more creative? How about projecting onto a screen or surface shaped like a bat. Epson's PowerLite, Pro L and LightScene EV-100 projectors allow you to create and import custom masks from programs like Adobe Illustrator. Epson enables you to cleanly project a masked image onto virtually any two dimensional shape with little to no visible light spill. Do you need to project content onto 3D canvases? Epson has got a solution for that. Epson professional projectors with edge blending and projection mapping capability offer amazing flexibility to retailers and event space designers by themselves. And when you need a more comprehensive “End to End” retail solution Glass-Media is able to offer some truly amazing and powerful solutions.
I encourage you to go to Glass-Medias website and see for yourselves how they are creating very cool merchandising solutions that are helping retailers innovate at the shopfront. These retail solutions are not only forward thinking but show a keen awareness of the retailers current challenges and their “new normal” at the shopfront. With this in mind their display solutions avoid the need for physical touch, a critical requirement to help protect shoppers and store associates in the midst of COVID-19. Glass-Media’s touch-less engagement solutions incorporate newer technologies, such as voice, gesture, motion detection triggers, gamification and more. They can also leverage shoppers’ smartphones as an extension of the display through QR codes and SMS triggers. “Glass-Media’s offerings help retailers bring shoppers back into the store and increase both offline and online conversions, which are the top challenges facing most retailers today,” said Daniel Black, founder and CEO, Glass-Media. “Retailers are searching for ways to create magical experiences that attract shoppers, and our solutions are proven to increase footfall as well as sell-through and conversion. Where traditional retail advertising once relied on static posters.” Glass-Media believes that It’s time to replace tired old paper with dynamic, interactive digital displays for your retail windows. Glass-Media has successfully deployed hundreds of digital storefront systems across the U.S. and Canada, featuring Epson projectors, for leading retailers including DSW, Fossil, Levi Strauss & Co., Estée Lauder Companies, AT&T and others. Retailers are able to leverage existing display spaces like shop windows, display cases and even physical objects to display messaging or create engaging retail activations. "Working with Glass-Media is a delight,” said Jennifer Ngo, Senior Manager of Store Development for Lovepop. “The team continuously comes to the table with innovative ideas, and the solution allows us to be creative with what we showcase on our screens. The Glass-Media display for our location in Boston's South Station always gets rave reviews for how eye-catching it is. It is a true beacon of light in the space.” Glass-Media’s and Epson are working together and their goal is to help solve what they see as the retailers’ #1 challenge, bringing more shoppers into the stores at a time when consumer traffic is down by creating displays that drive incremental foot traffic, build brand awareness and elevate customer loyalty. Epson's high quality and feature rich projectors are providing the key technology to make this happen.

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