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Epson BrightLink 436Wi - Image Quality

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

Epson BrightLink 436Wi Picture Quality

The Epson 436Wi has a sharp image due to its higher resolution LCD screen. The native resolution of the 436Wi is 1280x800. Not exactly High Definition, but it projects HD content very well. LCD projectors definitely appear to have a sharper image, but the pixels are more noticeable compared to DLP projectors. Some desire the softer image of DLP projectors and those that like sharpness, tend to go for LCD projectors. The 436Wi was able to handle higher resolutions, but there was some image quality loss when higher resolutions were projected. This is to be expected since the projector is compressing the image. I have seen projectors perform in higher resolutions recently that I felt did a better job, but the Epson 436Wi is best used in its native resolution. 1280x800 is high enough to work with spreadsheets and just about any other type of content. A slight boost to the next highest 16:10 resolution would not degrade the image that much and was still very useable. Below are some pictures of the projector performing in different resolutions.


Epson BrightLink 436Wi Projector: Color

Epson has never had a problem with image quality and nothing has changed with the Epson 436Wi. Being an LCD projector, it naturally reproduces color very accurately. Reds look truly red, and yellows pop without the muddy look that a DLP projector often produces. That is not say DLP projectors have come a long way, but out of the box, LCD generally reproduce color more accurately.

Epson has made colors more brilliant by using a light engine that is able to push light output for color to its rated 3000 lumens. This however was not tested in this review, so I can't claim with any measurements the validity of that statement. Visually, the colors are excellent.

Presentation Mode
Dynamic Mode
Photo Mode
Blackboard Mode
Theatre Mode
Whiteboard Mode

Epson BrightLink 436Wi Projector: Video Performance

The Epson BrightLink 436Wi was not designed to compete with home theater projectors, but the image quality is very nice. The projector is definitely well suited to be used as a tool in a classroom environment where video training might be what the projector is used for most often. Its ability to handle high definition signals, both component video or, HDMI, are not exactly unique, but the video quality was sharp and the contrast ratio of 3000:1 allowed it to produce some pretty decent black levels. If you were to show some darker films, this projector can handle the job, and provide enough shadow detail.

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