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Epson Brightlink 595Wi Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on August 9, 2014 by Jarrod Buckley

Epson provides a typical limited warranty of two years parts and labor on the Brightlink 595Wi.

In addition Epson provides its overnight replacement program:  Epson Road Service, for both years of coverage.

In other words, should the projector suffer a warranty problem, you contact Epson via their Private Hotline – a number comes in the box, and takes you directly to Epson’s projector support team, – rather than to an admin, or getting dumped into general support with printers and other products.  When they determine that it’s a warranty issue, Epson will ship out your replacement projector.  Just take the broken one, drop it in the box the replacement came in, and ship the broken one back.  Done!  Epson pays all freight.

Replacement programs are used by a number of projector manufacturers, but in many cases they only offer that program first year, even with a longer warranty.  Epson provides the replacement program for both years.  But, there’s an exception, even better news:

If the Brightlink 595Wi is purchased for school use though Epson’s "Brighter Futures" program, Epson increases the warranty to 3 years, AND, they also increase the replacement program for three years as well.

Nicely done, better than most manufacturers warranty and support programs, but there are some other brands with competitive programs including replacement.


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