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Epson Home Cinema 2100 First Look Review - Differences Between Models

Posted on August 28, 2017 by Nikki Zelinger
Epson Home Cinema 2100 First Look Review - Differences Between Models: Differences Between the Home Cinema 2100 and 2040, Differences Between the 2100 and 2150

Differences Between The Home Cinema 2100 and 2040

I mentioned that the Epson Home Cinema 2100 is replacing the Home Cinema 2040. Epson has added a significant enough amount of upgrades to make this projector worth looking at if you loved your 2040, or if you were considering buying the older model.

The Home Cinema 2040 has more inputs and connectors – a RCA composite video input, and Audio In RCA connectors – though it has one less USB port than the 2100.

The biggest upgrade, perhaps, from the Home Cinema 2040 to the Home Cinema 2100, relates to lens shift! That the HC2100 has lens shift is a definite upgrade from the HC2040, which has none. It’s worth mentioning again that the Home Cinema 2100 has a generous amount of lens shift (60%), which is of the first of its kind to have such a wide range, as most of the few projectors under $1,000 will only have 5% lens shift.

Speaking of the lens – the 2040 has a shorter zoom ratio than the 2100. The Home Cinema 2040 has a 1.2:1 zoom, while the 2100 has a 1.6:1 zoom.

The final difference between the two has to do with brightness. The Home Cinema 2040 has a brightness claim of 2,200 lumens, while the Home Cinema 2100 has 2,500. Though not a major jump, that can make all the difference when dealing with ambient light.

The Home Cinema 2040 is lighter than the 2100 at 6.4 pounds - that’s just over a pound difference. You wouldn’t likely notice the difference in weight, but there it is. The 2040 has a 5-watt mono speaker, whereas the Home Cinema 2100 has a 10-watt mono.

So, what do they have in common? The two have the same contrast ratio of 35,000:1. Both are full HD, are 3D capable (shutter glasses), and have Frame Interpolation.

Differences Between The Home Cinema 2100 and 2150

I mentioned that the 2100 has an older brother, the Epson Home Cinema 2150. What are the differences between the two? First off, of course, is price. The Home Cinema 2100 has a list price of $849.99, while the 2150 is $899.99. So, what do you get for a mere $50 more?

All the specifications are the same, except for these: the 2150 has a higher contrast ratio of 60,000:1 (which is pretty darn good), has Miracast support for projecting screens from mobile devices, and it weighs a mere 0.2 pounds more than the 2100.

That’s it. Is this worth the extra $50? You be the judge. If projecting your screen from say, a tablet or smart phone, is important to you, the Home Cinema 2150 will be the one you want to consider. If not, perhaps that higher contrast ratio catches your eye. Either way, the two projectors can be considered a great replacement of their predecessors and possibly, a good addition to your home.

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