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Epson Home Cinema 3020 - Review Summary 3

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Home Cinema 3020 Projector: Pros and Cons

WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE: Epson HC3020 "Projector Reviews TV" Video Summary

Epson Home Cinema 3020 Projector: Pros

  • Brightest projector for both 2D and 3D we've reviewed to date under $2,000
  • Auto mode makes projector as "easy" as an LCDTV, no fuss
  • Handles very large screens for 2D viewing.
  • Does a great job on medium sized screens for 3D
  • 2 pair of 3D glasses included
  • Very good overall color
  • Skin tones are very good post calibration, not bad at all, even without
  • Calibrates easily
  • Some cool features including split screen, and USB slideshow features
  • Improved lag times of approximately 50ms for playing of high speed games like first person shooters
  • Very good shadow detail
  • Excellent lamp life (4000 hours/5000 hours)
  • HDMI 1.4a inputs (2) support for Blu-ray 3D content
  • 3D glasses are now Radio frequency, and instant rechargeable
  • Two 10 watt speakers provide respectable audio when not hooked up to a surround sound system, great out back for a summer festival, or in any room for a quick setup
  • Dynamic iris for black level performance that's very good for the price range
  • Excellent 2 year warranty with replacement program
  • Excellent value proposition overall, especially for 3D

Epson Home Cinema 3020 Projector: Cons

  • Black level performance is definitely "nothing to write home about"
  • Older Epson 3D glasses (IR) not compatible with the new projectors
  • Only front feet adjustable, and having rear adjustable would simplify for table top setups
  • Minor 3D artifacts including crosstalk
  • Lacks lens shift (also true about half of the competitors)
  • Could be quieter in full power mode, though typical for a home "entertainment" projector
  • Lacks CFI - creative frame interpolation

The Epson Home Cinema 3020 proves to be a most impressive projector for its relatively modest price.

That's my last thought as I finish, with the movie Open Range on (Robert Duvall, Kevin Kostner) over HDTV playing in the background.  Nothing like a nice bright outdoor western scene to really dazzle the senses.

And with that thought, this review concludes.

Do check out our video summary as well.  Not as much info, but more fun - at least for me!

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