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Epson Home Cinema 6100 Projector Calibration and Settings 1

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 6100 RGB Settings

These are the adjustments we made to Red, Green and Blue for the grayscale balance, for the three modes we calibrated. Please note, we refer to the work we do on LivingRoom and Dynamic modes as "quick calibrations". The goal there isn't a perfect picture, allowing for some compromise, for a brighter image when needed.

Quick Calibrations
TheaterBlack 1: LivingRoom: Dynamic:
Gain Red -6, Green 0, Blue -8 Red 8, Green 0, Blue 12  Red 10, Green 0, Blue 14
Offset Red -10, Green 0, Blue -2 Red 10, Green 0, Blue 0 Red 8, Green 0, Blue 18
Color Saturation -4 0 0
Tint -8 0 0
Gamma 2.4 2.2 2.2
The Bottom Line Brightness: Post calibration:
TheaterBlack 1 675 lumens
LivingRoom 2051 lumens
Dynamic 2032 lumens

Note, other than TheaterBlack1, adjust Color Saturation and Gamma to best meet your viewing conditions, in terms of ambient light, and your general viewing preferences

Post Calibration Color Temp Measurements for TheaterBlack1 mode:
 100 IRE 6591K
80 IRE 6487K
50 IRE 6533K
30 IRE 6508K

That folks is about as tight as a grayscale balance gets, with only a range of 121K, centered very close to the ideal 6500K.

The end result is accurate color throughout most of the brightness range.

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