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Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB - Physical Tour-3

Posted on December 7, 2008 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 6500 UB Lens Throw

Epson's 2.1:1 zoom ratio is the same as the 1080 UB, and the 7500 UB. That's a little more than most LCD and LCoS projectors, and a lot more than the under $5000 DLP projectors. For filling a 100 inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio screen, the projector - measured from the front of the lens to the screen - can be as close as 9.8 feet or as far back as 20.9 feet. You can calculate distances for other screen sizes, by starting with those numbers.

Home Cinema 6500UB Lens Shift

This Epson has plenty of lens shift too! For that same 100 inch screen, the Epson can be placed, (normal or inverted), anywhere from 22.7 inches above the top of the screen surface, all the way down to 22.7 inches below the bottom of the screen surface. That is measured from the center of the lens. There is also a good amount of horizontal lens shift. Using horizontal lens shift will partially limit the range of the vertical lens shift (and vice versa). The combination of the wide range zoom lens, and excellent lens shift, makes ceiling mounting, or shelf mounting practical in almost any room situattion

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Anamorphic Lens

The Home Cinema Epson projectors, including the Home Cinema 6500UB, do not support using an anamorphic lens. Should one want to go that route, they will need an outboard processor such as the DVDO Edge, which we recently reviewed. If you are considering that, you might also want to consider the Pro Cinema 7500UB instead, which has internal support for an anamorphic lens, and is also ISF Certified. For those of you not familiar with anamorphic lenses, they are expensive but let you watch Cinemascope ratio movies (most) without the letterboxing, with a 2.35:1 shaped screen. Because of the hefty cost of a lens and motorized sled (more than this projector), very few people make this investment.

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