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Epson Home Cinema 6500UB RGB Settings

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Art Feierman
TheaterBlack1 settings:
Red: 0
Green: 0
Blue: -4
Red: -29
Green: 0
Blue: -22
Color Saturation: -8
Tint: -12
Gamma: 2.4
Dynamic settings (a "quick calibration"):
Red: 0
Green: 0
Blue: 0
Red: -12
Green: 0
Blue: 0
Color Saturation: 2
Tint: 0
Gamma: 2.4

Here are two different "quick calibration" settings for LivingRoom mode. Keep in mind, that when we say quick calibration, these are not designed to rival our best mode calibration, rather to provide a bright image that looks very good dealing with some ambient light.

The more ambient light, the more color saturation you need, as colors will wash out. We've kept the color saturation pretty "normal" so be prepared to increase saturation if you have a lot of ambient light.

The first of these two LivingRoom setups was done by me. strictly by "eye" - without taking any measurements. I started by dropping the Color Temp setting to 7000K, and adjusted the individual R,G,B settings using the TheaterBlack 1 R,G,B calibration settings as a starting point, modifying them from there, to get a pleasing, bright image.

The second set is more "scientific". Mike did those, using his equipment. Note, while I based mine on the 7000K Color Temp setting, he started using a Color Temp of 6500K, which is why the RGB numbers are so different. Try them both, see which you prefer under different circumstances, although they are fairly close to each other.

Here you go. If you have some feedback relating to these LivingRoom (or other settings), please consider mentioning them in the comment section on the most recent (the one announcing that these

LivingRoom (Art's settings)
Color Temp 7000K
Skin Tone 3
Contrast Enhancement 1
Gamma 2.3
Tint 0
Red 0
Green -4
Blue -4
Red -29
Green -2
Blue -22
LivingRoom (Mike's settings)
Color Temp
Skin Tone
Contrast Enhancement
 Red -12
Green 0
Blue: 10
Red 5
Green 0
Blue -12

You can use our various settings. Remember, though, there is variation from lamp to lamp, in terms of both brightness, and color balance. The differences are not great, but enough that having your projector calibrated might give you slightly better color results than using our settings.

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