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Epson Home Cinema 700 - Image Quality 4

Posted on April 19, 2009 by Art Feierman

Below is the re-entry scene from space cowboys, the enlarged versions are intentionally overexposed. Left is the Home Cinema 700, center, the PT-AX200U, right is the Optoma HD65.

Home Cinema 700
Optoma HD65

Next is the casino image at night from Bond's Casino Royale.

When comparing, the Home Cinema 700to the competition, look at the detail in the roof (tiles), and in the assorted trees and plants. The images below are from the same projector and slightly overexposed. Click on the images and the larger versions showing the different projectors will appear. Those are far more overexposed, to allow a closer inspection of shadow details.

Epson Home Cinema 700 projector
Optoma HD65 projector
InFocus X9 projector
Optoma HD71
Sanyo PLV-Z60
Epson Home Cinema 720

Below is a heavily overexposed scene from Lord of the Rings. The overexposure lets you see all the details in the shed on the right, the structure on the left, and the plants and ground along the lower right. The blacks might not be very black, but there is plenty of detail. It's not uncommon for projectors with lesser black level performance to do particularly well on dark shadow detail, since the darkest shadow areas appear lighter, and therefore are easier to see. With a projector with exceptional black levels, the nearest non-blacks are still extremely dark, and more easily lost to sight, especially if there are bright areas nearby.

Epson HC 700
Sanyo PLV-Z60
Optoma HD71





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