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Epson Home Cinema 700 Projector Calibration

Posted on April 19, 2009 by Art Feierman

Color Temperature

The Epson Home Cinema 700's out of the box color in Theatre mode is very good, but a little warm (slightly more red strength than blue). Our calibration cooled it off slightly allowing for a slightly more accurate grayscale balance.

Dynamic 1840 lumens@5429K
Game 1580 lumens@5777K
Living Room 1158 lumens@7759K
Theater 1217 lumens@6517K
Sports: 1840 lumens @5430K
sRGB 1298 lumens @6594K
Dark Wall 1316 lumens@5702K

Here is the same data as found in the Brightness section, which shows the white (100 IRE) temperature for each mode (those in bold are the two modes you are most likely to be using, and the only two we calibrated:

The Home Cinema 700 has only a single control for each primary color - Red, Green, Blue. Most projectors, but not all, offer two controls for each, often called Gain and Bias. With two controls you end up being able to tune the projector a bit more tightly. I should note that one more expensive 720p competitor, the InFocus X9, has even less control than the Epson, with just a simple color temperature adjustment but no individual color control at all. Like this Epson, the InFocus manages some pretty impressive color accuracy.

Basic Settings

Brightness (0) Theater mode (and all others): 2 Except Dynamic mode: 1
Contrast (0) Theater mode (and all others): 2 Except Dynamic mode: 1
Color Temp (0) All modes: Medium Medium
Color (0) Theater mode: 0 Dynamic mode -8
Tint (0) 0 0

Above are all our image settings for the Home Cinema 700 projector.

The numbers in parens are the default settings.

Lamp Mode: Full power for all measurements, and settings.

RGB Settings

Theatre Mode Red = -2 (0) Green = 0 (0) Blue = 0 (0)

This results in the following gray-scale balance:

20 (IRE) 6752K
30 6599K
40 6568K
50 6404K
60 6419K
70 6415K
80 6551K
90 6663K
100 6852K
For Dynamic Mode: 3 (0) Green = 0 (0) Blue = 2 (0)
Other settings for Dynamic  Auto Iris: Off Color Saturation -8

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