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Epson PowerLite 675W Ultra Short Throw Classroom Projector Review

Posted on March 23, 2018 by Art Feierman

The Epson PowerLite 675W is a $1,190, ultra short throw, WXGA (1280 x 800) projector claiming 3,200 lumens. This is a business and education projector, with a focus on classrooms. There is a trend occurring in schools called BYOD – bring your own device – which utilizes the technology students already hold in their hands (and refuse to let go of), their smartphones. It does so with wireless functionality (module sold separately), and even allows for the projection of Chromebook screens, but more on that later. For now, let’s take a deeper look at the projector in our Overview section below.

Epson PowerLite 675W Specs
Price $1190
Technology 3LCD
Native Resolution 1280x800
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 3200
Contrast 14000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio none
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 5,000 hours
Weight 12.6
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor, 90 Days on Lamp
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2018-2019 Best in Classroom Ultra Short Throw or Interactive Best Value

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As mentioned, the Epson PowerLight 675W is a WXGA projector (1280 x 800). WXGA resolution is the business and education world’s 720p – you can consider it to be HD, though not as sharp as 1080p. For applications needing a little more sharpness, such as renderings in a graphic design, 3D modeling, or advanced science class, look to projectors with WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution. For most classroom settings, however, WXGA will be enough – the difference mainly lies in the size of the pixels, and in general, WXGA tends to look pretty sharp and saves you money!

The PowerLite 675W claims 3,200 lumens. I haven’t yet reviewed an Epson that has not exceeded its claim, so we’ll see if this 675W fits the Epson stereotype I’ve developed for them. Even if it only hits its mark, this projector will be plenty bright for the typical classroom settings where there is always ambient light present. Whether it’s coming from uncontrollable overhead lights, as seen in some classrooms, or from the window outside, 3,200 lumens will be enough to shine through and keep your content visible.

This is a lamp based projector with a good lamp life of 5,000 hours at full power, 10,000 in ECO. That’s substantial when you consider that this projector will probably be used 20 hours a week or less, in most cases, which would leave you having to replace the lamp after running it for roughly 7 years at full power. Using ECO, with the same time frame, that lamp will last you almost 14 years.

Granted, the projector will start to lose brightness after a while, so you may end up replacing it sooner, but the point is that the Epson PowerLite 675W will last many years before you even need to think about shopping for a new lamp. Good news though – when you do, Epson has an excellent education program that gives discounts to school districts on the projector and its accessories.

The Epson PowerLite 675W only weighs 12.6 lbs, making it quite portable for being shared amongst conference rooms or classrooms. Since it’s an ultra short throw, one could even place it on a cart that can be taken from room to room and rolled right up to the screen surface. That’s just one of the many perks of using an ultra short throw projector like the PowerLite 675W.

This projector is primarily positioned as an education projector, though it would be equally useful in a conference room or board room for business presentations. With the ability to project up to 100” diagonally, the 675W would be suitable in applications where you need high brightness and a decently sharp image, for just below $1,200. Good deal, right of the bat, but let’s take a deeper look at what makes this projector a contender for your business or education applications.


  • 3,200 Lumens
  • WXGA Resolution (1280 x 800)
  • Ultra-Short Throw – Ideal setup for classrooms
  • 3LCD Technology – Brighter color, as the projector has as many color lumens as white ones
  • Good Lamp Life – 5,000 hours at full power, 10,000 in ECO
  • 14,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Wireless Capability – Using the Moderator software, students and teachers can easily project from their mobile devices (iOS, Android), Chromebooks, Macs and PCs
  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Project 60” to 100” Diagonal Images
  • 16-Watt Mono Speaker – Loud enough for larger classrooms and conference rooms
  • Excellent Education Program – The Brighter Futures Program provides discounts to educators on projectors and their accessories
  • Great Warranty – 2 years parts and labor with 90 days on the lamp

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