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Epson Powerlite 732c and 737c LCD projectors - Summary, Pros, Cons

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman
I highly recommend both the 732c and 737, although they aren't the great achievement that Epson managed with their more powerful siblings. It does bother me that they are a bit noisy, but being a mere 2000 lumens, not 2500, they lack the excuse. On the bright side (no pun intended), these two models have more than enough power for 90+ % of presenters. As a result, I expect that these newer projectors will steal a signficant amount of sales from the 740c and 745c - afterall saving almost $400 is important to many. Epson's sales of these models should be far greater than the 740 series, and that due to their price competitiveness. If you do want a bright (LCD) 2000 lumen small projector, these are not your only choice. If you don't mind an extra pound and somewhat larger projector, for example you could consider Panasonic's LB10U and LB10NTU (yes, the NTU has wireless networking). Both sell for a bit less than the Epson's but there are other differences, the Panasonic's lack remote mousing, the networking version is only 802.11b.... Overall the Epsons outperform the Panny's, (to see our review of the LB10 series click here) but if you are tight on bucks they are a great alternative. There really aren't any small, light DLP projectors that can slug it out with these Epson Projectors.. The DLP projectors will have to settle for competing for the small room presenter, who can get along with more marginal brightness.


  • Razor sharp image
  • Vivid accurate, dynamic colors
  • Slightly better than average contrast (for an LCD projector)
  • Extremely bright for their size
  • Very fast wireless capabilities (737c only)
  • Excellent compression technology for current and future compatibility
  • Warranty
  • Remote
  • Menus


  • Noise level in full power mode
  • Sound output (although typical for a featherweight class projector)
  • Lack of separate inputs for data and component video (there's one input that can be used for one or the other).


  • Price (although there are far less expensive 2000 lumen LCD projectors, non are as small or light).
  • Number and types of inputs (for a projector this size)

Choosing either of these two models is pretty much a no brainer. If you need some serious "horsepower" but want to travel light and compact, either of these LCD projectors has to be at or near the top of your list.

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