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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD - Performance

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman


When it came to brightness the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD was absolutely spectacular. The image really does pop off the screen. Ambient light from lamps and other forms of light in the room are not going to affect the image in any negative way. With its 3000 lumens of brightness you just simply don't lose picture quality with lights on.

Sunlight, although it has some affect on the image, still was not enough to truly ruin the image. It will take away from the contrast of the image, but keep in mind I was letting light in from a 8x5 foot window that was located 4 feet from the screen when I was evaluating how it would handle light. If you were to close the blinds then you would be right back to a truly brilliant picture.

Now let's discuss real numbers though. I wanted to start with my visual impression of the image and then share with you the measured light output. For the first set of measurements the projector is set to high brightness mode. The corresponding color modes affect the brightness of the projector to enhance image quality. In the projectors Dynamic Mode the brightness was 3419 lumens. Absolutely incredible to see it exceed the manufacturer specifications. I however, would not recommend running the projector in high brightness Dynamic mode since it is not necessary and only decreases the life of the lamp.

Next we have Living Room Mode. It too performed well producing 2884 lumens. More than enough light output for really demanding environments. I actually recommend this mode to those who purchase this projector. Dynamic mode tended to turn whites almost a slight orange color. Very slight though.

Cinema Mode actually came in a little brighter than Living Room Mode. It produced 2987 lumens. Game Mode 2781 lumens. It is suspected that the lower lumens was to create higher contrast since games generally need higher contrast to look good. Higher brightness as well, so I was a bit surprised to see the lumens be lower in this mode. The image quality however, still spectacular.

Putting the projector in its low light mode produced the expected results. Dynamic mode came in at 2780 lumens, Living Room Mode put out a brightness of 2266. Cinema Mode produced 2224 lumens. Game mode had very little difference in brightness compared to Cinema mode in this case. It produced 2204. A difference so marginal that it is hard to say if it had any effect at all.

The low brightness setting as you can see did lower the brightness of the projector, but it still performed very well. If your home theater environment is pretty dark, consider running the projector in the lower light output setting. The lamp will last longer and the projector actually is quieter.


With the Epson 750HD being a 720p projector you might not expect it to perform very well. This could not be more contrary to the truth. The 750HD really does have a perceived sharpness that I believe most will like. However, being that the projector is LCD, there is some noticeable pixelation. This typically, as many may know, is called Screen Door Effect.  I personally thought it was minimal and not an issue from a normal viewing distance of lets say 10 feet. Assuming you are at least viewing an image of about 92 inches diagonal.

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