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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD - Summary

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Art Feierman


Ultimately the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD turned out to be a great entry level home theater projector. If you have been considering a home theater projector instead of a plasma or LED display because you really want that cinematic experience, yet you just didn't  want to spend thousands, then this is a great projector. The 3D capabilities were pretty nice. The unit comes with one pair of 3D glasses. Brightness does drop a bit but the experience of having the image seemingly sitting in your living room is worth it. The 3000 lumens offsets the drop in brightness pretty well. The image still seems quite vibrant.

The resolution of 1280x720 may still have some of you on the fence about the 750HD, and that is understandable since all we hear about is 1080p being the better choice. For the most part it is a better choice to go with 1080p, but there is a premium to pay for that. The bottom-line on the issue of 1080p verse 720p is really minimal in terms of the experience. I personally was very happy with the image. I prefer a sharp, crisp, image. In the case of the Epson 750HD I came away feeling it delivered that. The images above, although you have seen them before throughout the review I feel to accurately depict the kind of sharpness you will experience with the unit in your living room. This is of course assuming you are using HDMI and a Blu-ray.

The projector is well suited for all types of content. Surprised it did not have component as a standard input, but you can get an adapter cable and plug into the VGA port. Epson I assume figures everyone is using HDMI now, as you should be for the best content. One nice thing to consider is that for a home theater projector it is very much business presentation capable as well. You really can consider this a hybrid projector that can serve both purposes and have it work so well that it out performs most business projectors.



  • Comes with 3D glasses that are comfortable and light
  • 3000 lumens that makes the image pop, but also keeps 3D bright as well
  • 1280x800 resolution so it is also quite suited as a business presentation device
  • HDMI input for HD content
  • Ability to except component input with component to VGA adapter
  • Compact size so you can take it to parties and special events easily
  • 3 adjustable feet to make setup easy and fast
  • Quiet when in the  high brightness mode and virtually silent when using the low power setting
  • Just $799 MSRP


  • Not 1080p for the ultimate in home theater
  • No native component input
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio is lower than most of Epson's higher end home theaters
  • Placement flexibility is limited, but not any more so than other projectors that don't have lens shift

Special Features

3D Compatibility

The Epson 750HD comes with one pair of 3D glasses. You must use a 3D capable Blu-ray player, but the image is really great and the 3000 lumens of brightness really counters the dimming that 3D glasses create.

Easy Setup

It was great to see that Epson took the time to design in the three adjustable feet. Two in the rear that screw in and out to adjust height. Also, the front foot that uses a push button and gravity to lower and raise the foot. Makes setup a lot easier. It also has a slider on the top of the projector to create a square image. This is if you absolutely can't place it absolutely perpendicular to the screen.

Easy Lamp and Filter Replacement

Should you decide to mount this projector to the ceiling you will be happy to know you don't have to take it down to maintain it. The lamp door is on the top of the projector. The filter is also accessible without having to take down the projector.

Front Exhaust

It may not seem special, but not all projectors exhaust from the front and it is something to consider. If you are going to place your projector on a shelf, then exhausting hot air to the rear most certainly will burn up your projector. The exhaust port on the 750HD is on the front right if you are looking at the projector from the front.

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