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Epson PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL Special Features

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

EMP Monitor

When using the Z8000’s network connection, EMP Monitor software allows you to control multiple projectors from one or more networked computers.  It lets you turn the projectors on or off (individually or collectively), switch image sources and check on their status.

Email Notification

When using the networking ability of the Z8000, it can be set to notify the owner of the projector status, reminders or any problems via email.  This can be done via EMP Monitor or directly from the projector without using EMP Monitor.

Multi-screen Control

When using multiple projectors lined up to present a continuous image (like a wide spreadsheet), this feature allows the user to correct the brightness and color tone of each projector's image so that the colors of images from each projector match closely.  It can be done from the remote for each projector individually or collectively.

Closed Caption Capabilities

Many projectors are not equipped to display closed captions. While not a widely needed feature, it can be invaluable to organizations that work with or employ hearing-impaired individuals.  Bottom line is if you need closed captioning, the Z8000 has it.

Interchangeable Lenses

For the ultimate customizability of installation, the Z8000WUNL (again, the NL stands for “No Lens”) does not come with a lens.  Epson offers a choice of six bayonet-style lenses to choose from, depending on your installation needs.  The standard lens (which was used for this review) has a throw ratio that ranges from 1.74 to 2.82 (this means the projector can be placed at a distance from the screen that equals 1.74 to 2.82 times the screen width).  In addition to the standard lens, there are five optional lenses.  There is a long throw zoom lens, two middle-throw zoom lenses and a wide zoom lens.
There is also a wide lens available for rear projection applications.  List prices on these lenses are $1399 for the standard lens and $2899 for the other lenses.

Quick Corner Keystone Correction

As we noted on the previously reviewed G5350, the Z8000 has a specialized keystone correction feature called “Quick Corner”.  In addition to the usual full-image horizontal and vertical keystone correction, Quick Corner allows you to adjust each corner of the projected image.  This can come in handy if the projector is tilted up (as much as 30 degrees) or placed at an angle.  As with any digital manipulation of the image, the sharpness and precision of the image will suffer with the use of Quick Corner.  However, its effect is less than using regular keystoning (which affects entire sides of the image) and can be useful for making minor corrections.  That being said, if the projector is to be permanently mounted, it’s better to get it placed properly to provide a square image without the use of keystoning or Quick Corner.

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