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Epson Pro Cinema 6010 Home Theater Projector Mini Review 2

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Pro Cinema 6010 Projector Brightness

Like the Home Cinema 5010, the Pro Cinema 6010 is 2D and 3D capable. They both claim 2400 lumens.  When we reviewed the 5010, we did full measurements. We found that it measured, right out of the box, at just about 2000 lumens. There is no reason why a Pro Cinema 6010 projector would measure any different, beyond the usual variation from one lamp to another.

Better still, we were able to detune the brightest mode down to about 1700 lumens, significantly improving the color.  True, it's still not quite as good as in the projector’s best mode, but that means the Epson Pro Cinema 6010 as well, should be able to produce about 1700 lumens with some pretty impressive color.  This is really important for those of you planning to enjoy a whole bunch of 3D on this projector, as well as 2D.

The 6010 Projector is more than just 3D, or more than just a really good 2D projector.  It also is one of the most flexible projectors you can find with a 2.1 to 1 zoom lens and tons of lens shift.  You should be able to place this in virtually any room especially considering it’s also one of the brightest guys out there.

Unlike the 5010, the Epson Pro Cinema 6010 comes ready to go for 3D, by providing two pair of glasses. In addition, as has been the case for the Pro Cinema projectors, the 6010 projector also comes with a spare lamp and a ceiling mount, (and new for this year - a cable cover for the back to keep things nice and neat). Again, the Pro Cinema projectors are sold only by Epson-trained/authorized installing dealers.  You won’t find the Pro Cinema 6010 available online.  If you do - look out - as it shouldn’t there, so the dealer probably isn't authorized...

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