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Epson Pro Cinema 6010 Home Theater Projector Mini Review Conclusion

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Pro Cinema 6010 Conclusion

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Epson PC6010 "Projector Reviews TV" Video Summary

Okay folks, that pretty much wraps things up!  For all the finer details, info on menus, and the remote, full measurements and settings, plus a chance to look at lots of additional images, check out the Epson Home Cinema 5010 complete review.  This Pro Cinema 6010 review only covers the slight differences between the two models.  The last of which, I almost forgot to mention.  Epson’s Pro Cinema 6010 comes finished in black whereas the Home products are done in white, and (as I did mention) it comes with a cable cover.

Epson Pro Cinema 6010 Bottom Line

Although the Pro Cinema 6010 officially is about $1300 more than the Home Cinema 5010, there's definite value there for the extra expense. The two THX modes are a major plus! The spare lamp, two pair of 3D glasses, ceiling mount, and cable cover are arguably worth, perhaps as much as $700 of that difference, and the 3rd year warranty with replacement program; priceless (almost). Finally, the Pro Cinema 6010, thanks to its black finish, is the "better looking" fit for a dedicated cave/home theater.

Remember, the Pro Cinema 6010 is only sold by local "installing" type CEDIA dealers. That is to say, in addition to Epson's well regarded support, you'll have the advantage of a local dealer who should be giving you far more attention than one would expect to get from a high volume online reseller.

But the most important thing may be this: Like its less expensive Home Cinema 5010 sibling, the Epson Pro Cinema 6010 is not only a top performer for its price, and dazzlingly bright in 2D, but the Pro Cinema 6010 is one of very few projectors that has the horsepower to do a really good job with 3D (all types of 3D content) on respectably large screens, without going really high gain screen, or with a two screen solution, and the baggage that comes with either of those options!

Hot Product Award: Normally when we do a sort of mini-review as we have done here, that is largely based on the full review of an almost identical projector, we do not hand out Hot Product Awards. The reason - the projectors are usually too similar, and when the "local dealer version" costs more, we find the other to offer more value. Thanks however, in this case, primarily to the addition of the two THX modes, and also the extra warranty, it was felt that the Pro Cinema 6010, for many, offers every bit as much value as the Home Cinema 5010. With that in mind, a Hot Product Award for the Epson Pro Cinema 6010 projector certainly seemed warranted, and, therefore, granted!


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