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Epson Pro Cinema 6020 UB - Review Summary 2

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Very Bottom Line on the Pro Cinema 6020 projector

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Epson PC6020UB "Projector Reviews TV" Video Summary

For the last year, I have been using the older HC5010 as my primary projector for comparisons, as well as the projector I watched most when not reviewing. That worked out great, and I was always pleased, especially as someone big on black levels, and brightness.

The combination of excellent overall performance in terms of brightness, color, blacks, shadow detail, and 3D, with a price lower than most of the most direct competitors, makes this a top value.  That it sells for a good deal less than the Sony and Panasonic (my next two choices in this price range), should seal the deal for many folks.

Bottom Line:  The Epson Pro Cinema 6020 is likely to be the best choice for pretty large chunk of the folks that can afford it.

Are you ready for some football? and movies, music videos, Discovery HD, sitcoms, and plenty of sports, and 3D too?

You can investigate further, but if the Epson Pro Cinema 6020 UB is about what you want to spend, you probably don't have to.

Epson Pro Cinema 6020 Pricing

Epson set the MAP (minimum advertised price) of the Home Cinema 5020 at $3499 with two pair of glasses, ceiling mount and spare lamp.


Epson Home Cinema 5020 Projector: Pros

  • Brightest 1080p, 3D capable projector we've seen
  • Clean 3D
  • Excellent black level performance (2D and 3D)
  • 3D glasses are some of the lightest, and brightest, plus they are RF and rechargeable (figure 20+ movies between charges) a quick charge good for a 2 hour movie takes 3 minutes
  • Split screen viewing, for whatever fun "floats your boat"
  • CFI - smooth motion, (2D only) good for sports and other non-film based content (leave it on for movies if that's your taste)
  • Calibrates extremely well
  • 2 HDMI 1.4a inputs
  • 480hz panels for faster response time, including gaming
  • Lagtimes improved for gaming compared to the older 5010 now about 50ms (switch to "fast" image processing)
  • Very good, but large, remote control, good backlight and range
  • Excellent lamp life (4000/5000 hours)
  • Very quiet operation in eco-mode
  • Color filter in best modes for improved color accuracy
  • Excellent menu layout (which they haven't changed in years)
  • A truly excellent value proposition
  • Anamorphic lens
  • Black finish
  • 3 year warranty with 3 year replacement

Epson Home Cinema 5020 Projector: Cons

  • One of the noisier projectors at full power, but not exceptionally so
  • A second HDMI circuit to allow two HDMI sources for Split Screen, would be nice, especially for Picture in Picture
  • Those with dark ceilings (many home theaters) would prefer a black case  (consider the Pro Cinema 6020 instead)
  • Super-Resolution does not work in 3D nor CFI
  • Small control panel on the side, not so easy to use when you cant see it, I prefer a top mounted control panels with more room
  • Longer than average locking onto HDMI source changes
  • Lens shift dials lose/imprecise (but they hold once you get it where you want)
  • Those upgrading from a 3010 or 5010 can't use the old 3D glasses

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