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Epson Pro Cinema 6020 Projector - Image Quality 3

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Home Cinema 5020 - Overall Color & Picture Quality

Overall, the Epson puts a rather spectacular picture up on the screen, considering the price point.  There is real competition, the one that can match the Epson is the Sony, but that's about it in the price range.  Sure, there are far more expensive projectors - consider the more expensive Sony VPL-VW95ES, which has superb color, and even better blacks.  JVC's almost $8000 projector beats the Epson at blacks, and also comes with a THX mode...

That said, combine this projector's color accuracy (even before calibration) and merge that with both great blacks and excellent shadow detail, and you have an Epson HC5020 UB that doesn't have to take lessons from any competitor, when it comes to overall picture quality.

Add brightness into the factor...

Epson Home Cinema 5020 Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports, including 3D

Great football!  I got in a day and an evening of NLF football on this Epson Home Cinema 5020.  I had friends over for many hours.

We had controlled light coming in from side and rear windows though partially closed shutters.  I used the same approximate lighting as in the Panasonic PT-AE8000 review, as the two projectors are near identical in brightness.

The image to the right shows the back of the room.  (taken stnading between the screen and the window next to it.  It was a sunny day, and the outer room seen there is lit by a large sky light.  You can also make out most of my recessed lighting (all 65 watt equivalent LED down facing flood lights.

In the case of the Epson HC5020 UB, however, for most of my HDTV and Sports viewing, rather than use the Dynamic mode, rather, instead, the not quite as bright Living Room mode.  (I basically used it's default color related settings, except for lowering Color Temp from 7500 to 7000K.

That was true, even when watching NFL game mix where I actually expand the image beyond the 124" diagonal when watching 8 games at once.  I just never needed Dynamic mode.

Epson Home Cinema 5020 Projector: Bottom Line on HDTV Sports, and also 3D HDTV content

Nothing better for HDTV and sports than a really bright projector with good color.  CFI is there for sports viewing.  I turned it on low, and I forget about it.

Detail enhancement:  Wow, even with HDTV - which means a heavily compressed signal, which means lots of noise, this image looks stunning!  Super Resolution was only set to 3 for this image.

Next we get into some numbers, as we explore the brightness and other info of the Home Cinema 5020's various modes, and also discuss sharpness, and image noise.

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