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Epson Pro Cinema 810 Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on February 8, 2007 by Art Feierman

Epson Pro Cinema 810 Projector Review - Warranty

Epson has always been known for build quality, reliability and support. As a former owner of an online dealership, we sold over 10,000 Epson projectors (mostly biz) over the years, and Epson always had the lowest DOA rate (or problem units which we considered "DOA"., and the lowest field failure rate.

Combine that with a 2 year warranty, that includes an overnight replacement program (and Epson pays all freight costs), and also their "private line" a direct number that bypasses main Epson switchboards and takes you right to projector support, and Epson wins the piece of mind contest hands down. Generally Epson's customer service folks are also highly regarded. I recall seeing, independent AV industry studies polling dealers and corporate buyers, that put Epson #1 in both reliabilty and support.

It's true you can get a 3 year warranty on a couple of brands (most notably, some BenQ, and some Mitsubishi models), but most manufacturers today offer either a year, or maybe two years, and replacement programs are rare (BenQ comes to mind - first year - but not "overnight").

Two with 2 year warranty and two years of replacement, combined with a brand known for reliability, and and Epson home theater projector is about as close to a "no worries" as you can find in the industry.

Note, I am biased, long, long time ago ('82-'86) I worked for Epson, and was a sales manager for part of that time responsible for selling dot matrix printers to the Fortune 500 (this in the early days of the IBM PC). My biggest account was Boeing who bought over 10,000 over several years. I remember the call I got, asking me what they should do, with "this defective printer - that just didn't work out of the box". The shocking thing was - it was their first defective Epson printer, after installing many many thousands... The failure rate was so low, to be downright bizarre!

BTW, Epson makes a really good watch, also known for quality and reliability - the very well known and respected Seiko brand. In fact the name in Japanese for the conglomerate, is still Seiko Epson Corporation, although popularly they are known as Epson.

It's a mazing I still remember all that trivail stuff from the '80's. -art

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