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Pro Cinema 810 Projector - Typical Capabilities:

Posted on February 8, 2007 by Art Feierman

Pro Cinema 810 Projector - Typical Capabilities:

  • User manual (overall very good, but a little thin on some menu descriptions)
  • Lamp life
  • Number and types of inputs
  • Filter requires occasional cleaning
  • Quietness - Extremely quiet in low power but only moderately quiet in full power (still quieter than most DLP projectors, but noisier in full power than some LCD models)

Image above - the Throne room in Gondor - absolutely stunning on the Pro Cinema 810, it resolves shadow details beautifully, and doesn't crush the bright areas! And this from only a standard DVD. -art

Pro Cinema 810 Projector - Summary

Although a little pricy (in the US), most Epson's are sold by "local" home theater specialists, where you can expect a different level of service, can get installation, and more. Even as an online projector (available from only a handful of dealers), the value proposition isn't bad if you are buying a full system, and the dealer can work with you on a system price.

What we have here, is a bright projector an alternative to the Panasonic, with similar brightness, but a slightly sharper image, better warranty etc. Compared to other LCD projectors, it simply is much brighter. An excellent compromise choice for those needing the Panasonic's brightness, and the Sanyo's sharpness, and you get a more"film-like" picture as part of the deal. Very natural to watch, more reminicient of a DLP projector (but slightly more visible pixels). Not as color accurate out of the box, but that's easily fixible.

And, if you are simply looking for a great projector for a fair price. If you don't want to get into quibbling about little technical details, but want a great long term investment, with no hassles, The Epson Pro Cinema 810 is a home theater solution that won't dissapoint. This Epson really is worth your consideration. It's a projector for "most of us".

And, it's a home theater projector you can find and buy locally from the kind of dealers that can demo it, provide all the accessories (and furniture usually) you will need, and help you assemble a home theater environment you can fully enjoy.

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