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Epson Pro-Cinema LS9600e Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Art Feierman
EPSON PRO-CINEMA LS9600e PROJECTOR:  Remote Control, Wireless HDMI

Remote Control

The remote control is of moderate size unit and offers a backlight for use in a dark room.  At the top of the remote are the Power On and the Standby (power off) buttons and to the right of these is the button to active the backlight.

Below those are a button for Picture-in-Picture (for the 2 HDMI inputs) and a button to blank the screen.

Next down are two rows of buttons for selecting the desired video input.

Below those are 4 rows of buttons that are used to control an external device (e.g., DVR or AVR) using what Epson calls HDMI Link, which uses the HDMI CEC standard.

In the central area of the remote is the 4-way navigation buttons with 3 buttons above that to select Lens adjustments (i.e., focus, zoom & lens shift), color mode, and 2D/3D (cycles between 2D and 3D modes).  Then below the navigation buttons are 3 buttons for Default (to return the display menu item to the factory default setting), Menu (to display the on-screen menu) and Esc (to return to the previous menu).

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Toward the bottom of the remote are 4 rows with 3 buttons per row.  The 1st row has buttons for Memory (to display the memory menu) and two buttons that load a previously saved lens memory positions.

The 2nd row has buttons for selecting 3D format, Frame Interpolation mode and Super Resolution setting.

The 3rd row has buttons for Turning on the HDMI wireless transmitter, Displaying a test Pattern, and selecting the Aspect ratio.

The 4th row has buttons that operate the wireless HDMI box to select the HDMI input, output and the to use the Picture-in-Picture function.

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Wireless HDMI

The LS9600e gives you the choice of connecting the HD Video sources to the projector either with a conventional high speed HDMI cable (the projector itself has two HDMI inputs) or with a wireless HDMI connection.  A small wireless HDMI box is provided with the projector as shown in the photo gallery above.   This unit can also be used as a HDMI switch as it has 4 HDMI inputs on the rear panel as well as one HDMI output, as seen in the second gallery photo above.  There is also a fifth HDMI input port on the side of the unit and this one also support MHL which allows it to be used for connecting to a MHL compatible smart phone or tablet.

When wanting to use a wireless HDMI connection this can be selected by pressing the "Wireless HD" button on the projector's remote control.

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